Sign Up Your Team


Before signing your team up, be sure you and your team has read through the rules thoroughly.

Once your team has met the requirements listed in the rules, teams sign up for the tournament by checking-in with the tournament administrator no less than 30 minutes before the tournament’s scheduled start time. See below for the check-in time frame.  
Note: There is no actual sign up process on the site to participate. Simply show up during the check-in time and give the tournament admin on duty the necessary information needed.


To check in for a weekend tournament, you must connect to the official TeamSpeak 3 server. As you connect, A tournament admin will assist you in signing up for the tournament with a check in form. As you are signing up, be sure your team has one designated Manager, who is 18 years of age or older, responsible for distributing any cash prizing. This can be the same player as the Team Captain or different. We will need that person’s full name and email address upon check in.  Any changes to this roster or team information must be made before the tournament begins.


Start Time: 12:00pm (Noon) EDT // 6:30pm CEST

End Time: 12:45pm EDT // 6:45pm CEST

Admins: CounterHelix + Cooper


Start Time: 5:00am EDT // 11:0am CEST

End Time: 5:45am EDT // 11:45am CEST

Admins: xiToffee + Cooper

To contact the tournament administrator during the tournament, team captains and only the team captains are required to use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate with the admins. Check-ins, as stipulated by the rules, are to be done via this VOIP software. Captains may be contacted via direct or group messages through this software and will be held accountable for information passed through this medium.

For information on how to use Teamspeak 3 and other frequently ask questions, please visit our Teamspeak 3 page.


If you have any questions about the tournament or ever need to get in touch with your regional admin outside of the tournament, you can contact them via email at:

North America:



If you’re interested in playing in a less competitive scene, but still want to play SMITE with others in an organized fashion, try joining SMITE’s community mumble for pick-up games and casual play. Learn more here.

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