Getting Started with Mumble

To participate, you must first install Mumble, a voice chat application for groups of players. Download it here: Be sure you check your audio settings and set up voice capture to Push-to-Talk before starting.

How to Connect to the Community Mumble

To connect to the community mumble server, use the following credentials:

  • Host Name:
  • Port: 3949

The Community Mumble Format

Get familiar with the channel format and find the SMITE Pugs channel. Within the community Mumble, you’ll find multiple sub-channels:

  • If you’re looking to partake in a PUG immediately upon joining the community Mumble server, find the “Just Joined or Just Played” channel and join it. You must wait until all the players in the “Roles” channel are picked before moving up into the “Roles” channel yourself. This is so everyone get’s a chance to play and not sitting around all day to get picked.
  • If you’re looking to play casually with someone or simply hang out in the mumble, either join one of the “Community” channels (found underneath the “SMITE Pugs” channel) or chat with other players as they setup for PUGs in the “SMITE Pugs” sub-channel “Spectators (Not AFK)”.

Picking Teams for a Pick-Up Game (PUG)

To get a Pick-up Game (PUG) started, 2 players must volunteer to be captain. These two captains can decide who can pick first between themselves or by a flip of a coin by someone in “Roles”. It is important that captains try to pick as even teams as possible with the players available. With that said, do not ignore any players who may be new or that you may not recognize. The point of this system is to get everyone involved and to have a taste of organized play in SMITE.

Once all the players in the “Roles” channel are picked, players from “Just Joined and Just Played” may move up to the “Roles” channel and captains can continue to pick from those group of players. The captains will continue to pick until both teams have 5 players each - including the captain. Once the teams has been chosen, the two captains will go to the “PUG Team Channels” tab and join “Team 1a” and “Team 1b” (unless there are teams already in there, then go to Team 2, Team 3, etc.)

If there are enough players to start another PUG as one is already being played, 2 more players must volunteer to captain and continue with the same process as listed above.

Starting and Finishing PUGs

Once teams are picked, players will then party up in game and start a game between each other. Games will be played in a best of one format to allow for PUGs to continually be played. After victory or defeat, all players must move into the “Just Joined or Just Played” channel to assure that players waiting to play in the “Roles” channel get a chance a play. It is important all players follow this format.


If at anytime there are any questions or problems such as captains purposely not picking a player or players not moving into the “Just Player or Just Joined” channel appropriately, feel free to contact one of the admins. Admins will have a @ or % symbol by their name. If an issue is unresolved or an admin isn’t present, feel free to email us at

Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy the taste of organized play through our community Mumble server!