1. Download Teamspeak 3 - http://www.teamspeak.com/
  2. Install Teamspeak 3 - Follow the installer instruction prompts.
  3. Once installed, open up Teamspeak 3. Go to "Connections" on the menu bar and click "Connect".
  4. Add the following credentials:
    • Server address: hqspeakus1.teamspeak.net:23333
    • Nickname: <your smite in-game name + team you are representing>
    • Server password: None. Leave this empty.
  5. ​Connect to the server. Once you're connected, go to your designated regions "Check-in Channel".
  6. Once you're checked-in and approved by the admin, you may move down to the "Team Captain Lounge". You will use this channel for the remainder of the tournament to communicate with the admin with wins/losses, match ID's and any problems/pauses/questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Find an Admin?

A specific channel has been designated to each region’s admin. The North American region’s admin is mBlakew. The European region’s admin is DeamonMachine. Access either of these channels to ask them questions about the tournaments. These admins should be accessible through the weekdays in these channels at the times listed below. An email address has also been provided in case you cannot make these times. They will be available the entire day of their respective tournament.

mBlakew's Schedule:
10am - Midnight (On and Off All Day).  Email -> smiteesportsna@hirezstudios.com
Deamonmachine's Schedule:
 Mon - Fri 10am - Midnight (On and Off all day) : Email - SMITEesportsEU@hirezstudios.com

2. What do I do on Tournament Day?

In order to participate in the tournament, you must check your team in during the designated check-in time. You must do this for each weekend tournament. All check-in's must be done in Teamspeak 3. Any questions regarding the check-in process must be forwarded to the tournament admins.

Note - Only one person from your team needs to be in Teamspeak 3.