8 Teams. 5 Regions. All fighting for a prize pool of over $600,000 PLUS any community contributions that occur throughout the remainder of 2014.

Teams from China, Latin America, Brazil, North America and Europe will need to play through series of competitions in order to be one of the top teams representing their region. These top teams will all meet in Atlanta, Georgia during the weekend of January 9 - 11th, 2015 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is a state of the art facility located northwest of Atlanta’s perimeter. It’s theater holds an audience of over 2,700 people along with a second stage which can hold an additional 500 people.

 In North America and Europe, all teams have a chance to have the opportunity to play for this enormous prize pool, but only 2 teams per region will advance that far. Before the SMITE World Championship, teams will compete in a comprehensive path to determine who will represent their country. Will it be you?

SMITE Pro League Play-in: July - August 2014

Teams who have yet to get invited to the Pro League have a chance to snag the last 2 spots in the league. In this 3 week process, any team can participate in the 1st weeks single elimination tournament. Only the top 4 teams from this tournament will be able to participate in the final 2 weeks of the Pro League Play-in’s.

Weeks 2 and 3 is a round robin/group stage tournament at which teams will play against each other 1 per week. That’s a total of 6 games per team after the 3rd week. The 2 teams with the best record will be invited to the Pro League whereas the bottom 2 teams will move into the Challenger Cup.

SMITE Challenger Cup: August - October 2014

Any team not making into the Pro League still have a chance to make it to the SMITE World Championship in January 2015! In order to do so, they must compete in a 7 week competition where teams sign up on a weekly basis each weekend to earn points. Teams will earn more points based on how they place in the weekend tournaments.

 At the end of the 7 week Challenger Cup, the top 2 teams with the most points in their region will advance to the SMITE Wildcards to play against the bottom 2 teams from the Pro League.

SMITE Wildcards: October 2014

The top 2 teams from the Challenger Cup will be play in a round robin/group stage competition along with the bottom 2 teams from the Pro League. These teams will play in 2 weekends of competitions in which they play against each other twice. The top 2 teams from the Wildcards will remain in the SMITE World Championship series and will be invited to the SMITE Regional Championship. The bottom 2 teams will be eliminated from the tournament series.

SMITE Regional Championship: November 2014

The SMITE Regional Championship is a LAN event that contains 6 of the tops teams from each region. These teams have this one last event before they can gain their invite to the SMITE World Championship for $600,000+.

This 2 day event will decide what 2 teams from that specific region will advance to compete in SMITE’s largest event to date. In Europe, teams will play at ESL Studios located in Cologne Germany. In North America, teams will play at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Ballroom. With $600,000 on the line and other top teams from different regions waiting for them in Atlanta, Georgia, the pressure will be on!

SMITE World Championship: January 9 - 11th 2015

8 teams from across the world will meet to play for the $600,000+ prize pool in Atlanta Georgia in January 2015. These teams will play on a large stage with over 2,700 people watching them live at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

All games throughout the SMITE World Championship series will be streamed live on the SMITE Game Twitch channel: And all information regarding the tournament series can be found on with daily blogs, videos and other forms of content pertaining to the entire championship.

 We hope to see you in Atlanta for the main event!