Gamescom and PAX Prime Invitational Summary

by HiRez ESports | Sep 16, 2013

Gamescom in Cologne, Germany was the host of the SMITE EU Invitational. The top four European teams; Bipolar Method, SK Gaming, COGnitive Gaming EU and Vengeance eSports played on the ESL stage where thousands of people watched on stream and in person. COGnitive Gaming EU took first place against SK gaming in the winners finals, where they won €7,500 and €3,000 respectively. Vengeance surprisingly took the win against Bipolar Method in the losers finals after going 0-3 in the round robin stage.

PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington was the battleground for the NA Invitational; four of the top North American teams faced in a round robin style tournament for a prize pool of $20,000. Team Dignitas took first place, winning $10,000 and going undefeated against COGnitive Gaming, Denial eSports and Reason Gaming. Denial took second, facing Dignitas in the grand finals. Reason Gaming and COGnitive Gaming battled it out in the losers finals, ending with COGnitive taking third place and $3,000.

With both of the invitationals finished and the partnership between Tencent and Hi-Rez Studios officially announced, many wonder what is in store for the SMITE eSports scene down the road.

GamesCom standings

1st Place - COGnitive Gaming EU - € 7,500

2nd Place - SK Gaming - € 3,000

3rd Place - Vengeance - € 2,500

4th Place - Bipolar Method - € 2,000

Watch the whole tournament now!

PAX Prime standings

1st Place - Team Dignitas - $10,000

2nd Place - Denial eSports - $4,500

3rd Place - COGnitive Gaming NA - $3,000

4th Place - Reason Gaming - $2,500

All VODs of the tournaments can be found on