Smite Tournament Series: Week 24 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Oct 14, 2013

Another successful week in the SMITE eSport scene as we saw a variety of new and veteran teams make an appearance. With $1,000 at stake for both North America and Europe once again, teams fight weekly to get a piece of that pie along with getting the experience in playing with the best of the best.

Starting off in North America, we saw 12 teams show up this past Saturday with a few surprising outcomes. The biggest shock of the tournament was Denial eSports getting knocked out so early in the tournament by the progressive team known as Exertus eSports. Exertus eSports has shown nothing but growing potential the past few weeks and this week was no different. With strong plays and smart moves made by each member of the team, they were able to secure 3rd place and get a chunk of the prize pool this weekend.

Another surprise this weekend was the first time contenders, Team Nameless. Never playing in a weekly tournament in the past and not even taking the time to think of a team name, Team Nameless snags a couple of early wins in the tournament to advance themselves into the bronze matchup against Exertus eSports. Taking down the veteran team Reason Gaming was their biggest accomplishment this weekend and because of that, they were able to take home some gems for whatever future purchase they would like.

Now lets take a quick look at the European scene. 10 teams showed up this past Sunday to have another shot at $1,000. Going straight to the finals, we saw SK Gaming come back from third place in Week 23 and take 1st as they blew through each matchup without losing a game. These guys certainly worked towards fixing their mistakes last week which goes to show you how a little practice can go a long way. Well played, gentlemen.

What’s also worth mentioning is the return of the new teams - Payback Gaming, Mortality eSports and Wellox eSports. These teams are somewhat new to the weekly series, yet their consistency and passion to get further is starting to pay off. These teams continually find themselves fighting for the top 4 spots in the tournament and always bring some excellent games to spectate.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch any of these games, be sure to catch some this coming weekend and every weekend as we continue to cast the SMITE weekly tournament series on