Smite Tournament Series: Week 25 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Oct 22, 2013

We saw another action packed weekend in both North America and Europe. Week 25 didn’t contain any big upsets; however, there were some rematches between a couple teams that turned out differently from last week.

In North America, we saw another finals matchup between the two titans - Team Dignitas and COGnitive Gaming. Except this time, Dignitas was not able to pull through with the victory as COGnitive gaming took first place beating their opponent 2 games to 0. With Dignitas Anatoliy not there due to travel, could it be that he was the missing link to the chain? Or did COGnitive Gaming hit the playbooks hard and practice since last weeks loss? Either way, look forward to these two teams most likely meeting up in the finals once again in next weeks tournament.

Another matchup we saw in Week 24 that we saw again in Week 25 was Reason Gaming vs Nameless Gaming. We talked about how Team Nameless came out of no where and took down the veteran team Reason Gaming in last weeks recap. Well, this week, Reason Gaming did not let that happen again for a second time and made sure they made it back into the top 4 of the Smite Tournament Series.

Crossing over the Atlantic Ocean, we had a great turnout in the European weekly tournament. 15 teams showed up and fought for a chance of fame, pride and money. Heading straight to the finals, SK Gaming and Mortality met up once again in a best of 3 series. Unlike in North America, SK Gaming was able to take first place for the 2nd week in a row in another 2 to 0 victory. But don’t think Mortality doesn’t have it in them to take a game away from SK Gaming when it counts. Remember back in Week 23 when SK Gaming and Mortality battled each other in the semi-finals and Mortality came out on top. They were on point that week as they ended up taking first place. So keep a close, keen eye on this team and look for them next week.

Something else to talk about in Europe was the 12th seeded team - APOTEKET. A team we haven’t seen before in the Smite Tournament Series decided to show up with a strong presence and take out 2 teams that have placed in the top 4 before in a row. After 2 hard losses against SK Gaming and Payback Gaming, they were still able to leave this weeks tournament with 750 gems each and a smile on their faces. We hope to see this team again next week!

Has this recap interested you in getting involved in the Smite Tournament Series? Great! Well be sure to sign your team up for next week’s tournament. North America’s tournament starts Saturday, October 26 @ 12pm EST and Europe’s starts Sunday, October 27 @ 9am EST. Learn more on how to sign up here.