Introducing Team Rankings and New SmitePro Channel!

by HiRez ESports | Nov 01, 2013

We're happy to announce the release of Team Rankings on the SMITE eSports website and explain how points are accumulated throughout the Smite Tournament Series. 

What are Team Rankings All About?

Team rankings are determined by the amount of points a team has earned in the Smite Tournament Series during a specific time period. The current team rankings are the points teams earned from Week 19 (the week after the Pax Prime 2013 Invitational) to the most recent played tournament. The time periods during which we collect points and reset the team rankings will vary depending on when future events occur - at which time we will invite the top ranking teams to the event.  After the event we will then reset the points and collect a new set of points for the next big competition.

Why is my Teams Ranking Important?

A teams ranking and their accumulated points determine whether or not they will be invited to competitions we plan to host in the future. Like Pax Prime 2013 and Gamescom 2013, only the top teams from that region of the Smite Tournament Series will be invited to these competitions. Moving forward, we will use the team rankings leader board to determine who we invite. 

How do I Earn Points?

Points are earned by participating and placing in the top 8 spots in the weekly Smite Tournament Series. Points are distributed as followed:

1st: 100 points
2nd: 60 points
3rd: 40 points
4th: 25 points
5-8th: 10 points

Note: Teams who forfeit at any point of a weekly tournament will be forfeiting not only their tournament points earned that week, but also any other winnings they may have won.

Please read the tournament rules page to learn more on the restrictions and policies related to the Smite Tournament Series.

What is this New SmitePro Channel?

Along with team rankings, we are here to announce the opening of our new Youtube channel -! We'll be releasing content focused solely on the professional Smite scene as well as all types of eSports goodies. Be sure you subscribe to the channel to catch all of the action from the past, present and future of Smite eSports!