Announcing the New Smite Pro Youtube Channel!

by HiRez ESports | Nov 19, 2013

With the success that we seen from the content we've been putting out on our official SmiteGame Youtube channel, we felt the need for a separate home for all of the professional Smite content -

Here, you can find that we already have a few playlists put together for your viewing pleasure. Not only will you find tournament wrap-up videos and VOD's of previous events, but you can also see that we have videos to help you become a professional yourself! And we're not stopping there. We have plans in the near future to continually add to our collection.

Be sure you subscribe to the new SmitePro Youtube channel so you can notified when we add new, fresh material. And as always, be sure you leave comments in our videos with any feedback or questions you may have. We love hearing from our community and how we can make the whole Smite experience better for the players!