Smite Tournament Series: Week 29 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Nov 19, 2013
The Smite eSports scene continues on with another week of great games and a new set of winners in both regions. It's only further proof that the scene is young and open for any new team to step in and take the gold medal.

In North America, we see the team rankings are still really tight for the top 3 spots. There's only a 15 point differential between the three! Just before this weekend, the team known as COGnitive Gaming dropped out of the tournament series for various reasons with 2 of their players, MLCs3alth and Omega, going over to Exertus eSports. But have no fear, the leader of COGnitive Gaming, Shing, plans to get together with some other friends of his and wants to put together another team for the competition. We look forward to see what they put together and see how they can compete with the current team rankings.

But let's actually start talking about the results of Week 29. We spoke highly about Team Dignitas the past 2 weeks as they took 1st place pretty convincingly, but that isn't the case this time. The rise of Denial Esports began as they defeated Smiteboards in the quarterfinals and Slam Jam City (formerly known as Reason Gaming) in the semi finals. Denial then met Exterus eSports in the finals and took them down in 2 hard fought games. These results allowed Extertus eSports to take first place from Dignitas by 5 points in the team rankings and kept Denial eSports close in the top 3 competition. Team Dignitas fought Slam Jam City in the consolation match, where they took 4th place, leaving Slam Jam City with 25 points for 4th.

Europe is another story. It was the 3rd weekend in a row where we saw a different team taking 1st place, but what remained the same was seeing SK Gaming in the finals match for the 9th week in a row! There's no wonder why these guys are way ahead in the team rankings with 770 points. The rankings aren't as close as they are in North America, but we do see some competition for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot. All it takes is one good, solid run by a team to push them up into the top 3 spots.

The finals resulted in a forfeit which was at the admins discretion. The official call was SK Gaming was not able to properly field a team within the allowed time as according to the rules. This resulted in SK Gaming taking 2nd place again this week and the rise of COGnitive Gaming EU to take 1st place. It's nice to see COG come back into the finals since they are heading to China for the Tencent Games Carnival at the end of this month. They will be facing Team Dignitas in a showmatch to show the chinese how awesome Smite can be at a high level. Learn more here!

But let's not just talk about the finals. It's also important to mention the consolation match between the two dedicated teams APOTEKET and The Fanboys. These two teams seem to struggle to reach the finals, but ended up putting up a good show in the bronze match. This week, we saw The Fanboys take the 3rd place spot earning 40 points and $150.  APOTeket earns 25 points and 750 gems per player. The Fanboys are only 10 points away from taking the 5th place spot from MyRevenge EU, so lets see if they as the Smite tournament series continues on this coming weekend!

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