Smite Tournament Series: Week 31 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Dec 10, 2013

With only 2 more weeks left of the current season, teams are fighting hard to earn their spot in the final tournament worth at least double the amount of a typical weekly tournament. The top 4 teams of each region will be invited to this event which will take place the last weekend of 2013 - December 28 and 29. To learn more, read HiRezBart's post on Reddit.

The current standings in North America as of December 8th, 2013, goes as followed:

  1. Exertus eSports - 705 points
  2. Team Dignitas - 680 points
  3. Denial eSports - 630 points
  4. Panda Bears - 80 points
  5. Dusk Dominion - 60 points

 vs  Denial eSports

This past weekend, we saw Exertus eSports make it all the way down to the grand finals, taking 1st place which allowed for them to take the lead on the team rankings over Team Dignitas. Exertus eSports really had an impressive showing this weekend, especially in their last game against Denial eSports. There was over a 13,000 gold difference between the two teams along with Exertus coming out with 20 kills when Denial eSports only had 2. Well done boys!

In the bronze matchup, it was Team Dignitas vs Last Resort. We haven't seen Last Resort in a while since they took a short break, but they came back from the dead and made it all the way to the consolation match for a chance at some cash. That was not the case though as Team Dignitas took the 3rd spot away from them leaving Last Resort with the gem prizing - which ain't too shabby in its self!

The current standings in North America as of December 8th, 2013, goes as followed:

  1. Azzur (Formaly known as SK Gaming) - 780 points
  2. Mortality EU - 570 points
  3. COGnitive EU - 375 points
  4. The Fanboys - 280 points
  5. Epsilon eSports - 255 points


Europe was a little different in this case. And as you can see in the points, there are a lot of teams with plenty of points. They're all fighting to get into the invitational at the end of the year - it's only 3 weeks away!

In the finals, we saw two teams who have been very active in the competitive scene, but have yet to reach it this far in the weekly tournament series. The Fanboys and WootnMaMa fought in a best of 3 for 100 points + $500. In just 2 games, The Fanboys were able to take the crown which pushed them up in the team rankings over Epsilon eSports. It was a very important day for both of these teams, since they are both contestants for the end of the year tournament. We wish you both best of luck!

Below that, we saw Mortality eSports go up against Epsilon eSports for 3rd place. Both of these teams are well established in the EU scene, especially Mortality eSports as they sit on 570 points. They were able to come up on top over Epsilon eSports after a hard, long fight. You can see the match stats by clicking here.

That'll do it for us this week! Stay tuned these next couple of weeks as we get even closer to the end of the year. The rankings are close making each weekly tournament that much more valuable. Be sure to keep in touch with the eSports scene because we have plenty of announcements coming up such as the 100k tournament we are hosting in March - directly after the official launch of Smite. GL HF!