Smite Tournament Series: Week 32 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Dec 18, 2013

The clock is ticking as we get closer and closer to the end of the year, but some of you may ask, "What's so special about the end of the year?" The answer: $10,000.

These tournaments we've been running haven't been played just for nothing. These players earn money each week for the top 3 spots as well as tournament points for the top 8 spots which help teams get invited to special tournaments. Currently, the points teams have been accumulating over the past 13 weeks go towards their invitation to the end of the year $10,000 tournament. The top 4 teams of North America will play for $5k and the top 4 teams of Europe will play for the other $5k.

You can find the current standings in both regions as well as more information on the $100k tournament coming up by reading HiRezBart's latest reddit post.

Okay. Now let's get into the main point of this blog post and that's to talk about Week 32. And as tradition, we'll start with North America. We saw a great showing this past week as we whipped out the 32 man bracket due to 17 teams signing up to participate. We believe this is influx of teams has something to due with the upcoming $100k tournament. And it's a smart move by all of these teams. These weekly tournaments are perfect to get some practice in against some of the best teams out there.

This weekends finals was what we consider the battle of the titans: Team Dignitas and Cognitive Gaming (formerly Exertus eSports). Cognitive Gaming ended up taking this one in a rather convincing victory which allows them to maintain that #1 spot in the Team Rankings. Team Dignitas is less than 100 points away, so if they want to take the #1 spot for the end of the year tournament, they'll need to bring their A game next week.

Coming in 3rd place was COG Gaming NA (The old roster of Cognitive Gaming) who came on top of Denial eSports. As the games get into the semi finals, we start to see some great talent in these players. We're excited to see how this scene turns out next year as there's over 10 times the amount of cash on the line.

Now in Europe, it's a little different. There are at least 6 teams in the scene currently that can all very well walk away with the top prize in next year's 100K launch tournament. But the teams to really look out for are the two who made it to the finals of Week 32 - Reason Gaming (Formerly known as The Fanboys) and Mortality EU. These two teams rose from the bottom of the rankings and are now most likely earning a spot in the end of the year $10k tournament. Reason Gaming was able to take down Mortality EU which put them only 5 points behind the 3rd place team in the overall team rankings of Europe.

The consolation match was between Azzur and Denial EU (Formerly MyRevenge). Between these two, it was Denial EU who took the 3rd place prize as Azzur will come in 4th place. Great games played all around and we'll see who gets those invites to the special event by the end of next weekends tournament.

Thanks for reading and we wish all of our teams the best of luck on their performance next week. It all comes down to this weekend!