Smite Tournament Series: Week 33 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Dec 26, 2013
And that's a wrap, folks! The season is over! But let's talk about it for just a bit.

Starting with North America, we saw a team name that we haven't seen in quite some time. But the players are no one new to you. It was SNIPE who came back from the dead as the well known player "Shing" brings this team back to life and leads them all the way to the finals of Week 33. This is where they met their other half - Cognitive Gaming. There was a lot of hype behind this match-up, but it was Cognitive Gaming who came out on top with some great matches behind them. This allowed COG to push their teams ranking further into first, as they reach the highest between both regions of 905 points.

The consolation match contained 2 teams that we see in and out of the finals, but just couldn't find their way in this past weekend. Denial eSports ran off with 3rd place this weekend with PainDeViande going 9/1/11 with Apollo and his tank Guan Yu going 2/4/15. Though Team Dignitas only came in 4th place this weekend, they maintained their spot in 2nd place as they sit with 765 points.

Over in Europe, we saw some new names in the brackets, but they certainly aren't new players. In fact, the 2 teams in the finals are actually players all from the same team that have split up and gone their own separate ways. Like in the North American scene, there was a lot of hype behind this match-up to see who can have the bragging rights of being the better of the two. With that said, it was Amaranthine who took 1st place which is led by Youngbae from the former COG EU team. Congrats to them!

In 3rd place, Mortality EU defeated Denial EU as enQu was extremely dominate with Ao Kuang going 17/2/5. With a performance like that along with a strong Odin presence made by Poeng, it was a recipe of disaster that Denial EU could not swallow. At the end of the day, Mortality EU was able to increase their lead in 2nd place with 570 points, but couldn't reach Azzur who sits comfortable in 1st place.

Thanks to all the teams who participated this past season. And just as a reminder, this is only the beginning! We have bigger and better things planned for 2014 - starting with a 100k tournament at which we'll have more information on that in the next coming days. But before we go there, we still have the 10k tournament next weekend for the top 4 teams in each region. Be sure to stay tuned in here at the eSports blog to learn more on all the upcoming events.

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe and beautiful.