Path to $100k Tournament: Week 2 of 8 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jan 14, 2014
It was another exciting weekend of SMITE eSports. Many games were played with plenty of new teams showing up once again. We highly encourage for teams to continue to show up because who knows, you just may be that 4th team that gets invited to the $100k launch tournament!

Here's how Week 2 of "The Path to $100K" panned out after it was all said and done:

North America

Placement Team Points Earned
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 100
2nd Team Dignitas 60
3rd SNIPE 40
4th Clash N Slash 25
5-8th Still Dreaming 10
5-8th Unknown Gaming 10
5-8th Evolution Gaming 10
5-8th Armata Gaming 10

Overall North American Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 200 --
2nd Team Dignitas 100 +1
3rd Denial eSports 60 -1
4th SNIPE 50 +1
5th Penta Blink 25 -1
5th Clash N Slash 25 --
7th Still Dreaming 20 --
7th Armata Gaming 20 --


Placement Team Points Earned
1st Team SoloMid 100
2nd Cloud 9 HyperX 60
3rd TeamQ 40
4th Torch 25
5-8th Gimmie Yo Sandwich 10
5-8th Cognitive Forge 10
5-8th The Game 10
5-8th I I I I I 10

Overall European Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Cloud 9 HyperX 160 --
2st Team SoloMid 160 +1
3rd TeamQ 80 --
4th Torch 50 --
5th I I I I I 20 --
5th Cognitive Forge 20 +1
5th The Game 20 +1
7th You Amaze Me 10 --
7th Gimmie Yo Sandwich 10 --

We saw some excellent games played this past weekend as well as a great overall turnout in both the teams and viewership department. In North America, we saw an average of at least 4k concurrent viewers and a record total of 24 teams signed up. In Europe, there was an average of ~5.5k concurrent viewers - capping out again over 7k and a total of 20 teams.

Thanks again for everyone who participated and showed up. We hope to see you all again next week. And remember, there are still 6 more weeks to earn points, which means those 4 spots per region that get invited to Atlanta Georgia are still anyone's! Get it while you still can! 'Till next time!