Path to $100k Tournament: Week 5 of 8 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Feb 04, 2014

The 5th week of the Path to $100K is now finished and we now only have 3 more weeks of competition before those precious invites to Atlanta, Ga are sent out. But did you know you can help make that prize pool higher? Well, $5 will be donated for every single Poolseidon skin sold! Be sure you help out the eSports scene by purchasing this limited edition skin. I mean, come on... this skin kicks ass. Don't be the only one without it! We're currently up to $147k!

Looking for the VODs? Well you can find the North American VOD here and the European VOD here. And as I promised in the past, we will be uploading these tournament VODs on our SmitePro Youtube. You should see Week 5's finals sometime in the next day or two there. For the time being, we will be uploading only the grand finals, but moving forward, expect to see more games available. You should totally subscribe to that Youtube channel!

Alright. Enough chit chat. Let's get to the meaning of this post - the results of Week 5 and the overall standings!

North America

Placement Team Points Earned
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 100
2nd SNIPE 60
3rd Team Dignitas 40
4th Clash N Slash 25
5-8th Still Dreaming 10
5-8th Denial eSports 10
5-8th Unknown Gaming 10
5-8th Armata Gaming 10

Overall North American Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Cognitive Gaming NA 500 --
2nd Team Dignitas 260 --
3rd SNIPE 190 --
4th Denial eSports 105 --
5th Clash N Slash 75 --
6th Armata Gaming 50 -1
7th Still Dreaming 40 +1
8th Unknown Gaming 40 +1


Placement Team Points Earned
1st Team Solomid 100
2nd TeamQ 60
3rd Cloud 9 HyperX 40
4th Torch 25
5-8th Epsilon eSports 10
5-8th The Game 10
5-8th Gimmie Yo Sandwich 10
5-8th I I I I I 10

Overall European Rankings

Placement Team Total Points Difference
1st Team Solomid 400 +1
2st Cloud 9 HyperX 360 -1
3rd TeamQ 190 +1
4th Torch 175 -1
5th Gimmie Yo Sandwich 40 --
5th I I I I I 40 --
5th The Game 40 --
8th Epsilon eSports 30 +1
8th Cognitive Forge 30 -3

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