Coast vs Cog - Round 1: Team Coast Edition

by HiRez ESports | Mar 03, 2014

Team Roster

Spooh (Mid Lane/Captain)
Hyrrok (Jungle)
Emilitoo (Support)
Funball (AD Carry)
Pakuzza (Solo lane)
Psyche (Manager/Coach)
Team Bio

"We are innovative and original with our strategies and you never know who you'll face in lane!"

Team Stats

Team Coast - Top 3 Most Played Gods

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Anhur 14 7 78 31 86 447.21 2.52 50%
Sobek 12 6 25 57 110 425.58 0.44 50%
He_Bo 11 7 79 39 67 479.36 2.03 63.64%

Team Coast Total Stats

Total Wins Total Matches Losses Win Rate Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D
16 30 14.6 51.66 556 498 1134 443.46 1.12

Player Stats

ADC - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Anhur 14 7 78 31 86 447.21 2.52 50%
Ah Muzen Cab 6 4 28 12 32 484.67 2.33 66.67%
Artemis 4 2 18 10 25 446 1.8 50%

Support - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Sobek 12 6 25 57 110 425.83 0.44 50%
Bacchus 11 5 12 46 121 399.64 0.26 45.45%
Aphrodite 3 1 1 17 32 375.33 0.06 33.33%

Mid - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Ra 8 4 19 18 69 449 1.09 50%
Zhong Kui 4 2 10 14 22 439.25 0.71 50%
Agni 4 3 7 5 26 470.25 1.4 75%

Jungle - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     Hyrrok

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Chaac 10 5 32 37 78 439.9 0.86 50%
Thor 4 2 12 24 39 427.75 0.5 50%
Thanatos 4 1 21 14 22 418.75 1.5 25%

Solo - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     Pakuzza


Interview Questions

As we have all seen COG is a very solid and well rounded team, probably the most so to date, that being said, what aspect(s) of COG's game do you think that you can capitalize on and give yourselves a chance for the upset?
Answer: Considering that they are the best team in NA we have a lot of practice and research to do. We think that we can use our ever changing EU Meta against COG and may be able to get an advantage due to our recent roster changes. This will benefit us heavily in terms of god pools and options.

What do you think are the biggest differences in the NA/EU meta and how do you plan to adjust (if at all) to compete?
Answer: We think that EU has an advantage in terms of play styles as we feel that NA has more a more static Meta that might be easier for us to get used to than vice versa. The biggest differences between the two is God combinations.

How exactly did you pick up Hyrrok & Spooh. Was it something you knew will happen or did Hyrrok & Spooh approach you?
Answer: It was kind of a weird situation. As Zimpstar/Ziimp left the team, we had to find another Jungler and Hyrrok had just started playing again. Hyrrok gladly accepted our offer and brought Spooh along after Pakuzza decided to take a break from SMITE. It was a risky move taking on Spooh after such a long period of inactivity, but in the long run the team is very happy with the decision.

How are you preparing to face the opposing team in the first round?
Answer: We will prepare the best we can with practice and research on the other team. Even though they are undefeated in the qualifiers we believe we can find a way to defeat them.

Are there any bans/picks you are prioritizing due to the enemy team?
Answer: This is a tricky question to answer without revealing any useful information for the enemy team. What we can say however is that yes, we will use different bans and priorities depending on which team we are against. Some player / god combinations can be hard to deal with and might be hard to play around.

How do you think the LAN environment will benefit you? And how do you think it may hurt you?
Answer: The LAN environment will benefit us mainly because it's going to impact our latency significantly. It has in the past and I assume it will make us play better mechanically. It may hurt us in a way that not everyone in our team has LAN experience or any experience playing in front of a crowd. Some teams with more experience might have an advantage on us as it's not like sitting at home, but we are confident that we will make it work!

What players is your team most excited to meet outside of your own team?
Answer: We are very excited to meet all the other players and Hi-Rez staff that is going to the tournament! Two of our players, Spooh and Hyrrok is also very excited to see their old teammates again. Mainly TSM's Lawbster and Youngbae, and SK's Badgah (aka Poeng!).

What does the release of SMITE mean to you and your team?
Answer: The official release of Smite means that the game will have a lot more publicity which will hopefully make the competitive scene grow! With a bigger competitive scene it will be easier to schedule practices, come up with new strategies and hopefully improve ourselves as a team and as individuals!

What match up is your team most excited to see or hope to see?
Answer: Our team is most excited to see any EU vs NA match up and how the metas clash together. As COG has won 8-10 tournaments in a row they are the force to be reckoned with, and we're curious to see how us and the other EU teams will perform against them.

What team in the tournament do you think will surprise everyone by their performance?
Answer: Hopefully we can be the ones surprising everyone with our performance, but in general we think that all four of the EU teams can perform at a high level and possibly COG's level which may be surprising to some.