Team SoloMid vs Denial eSports - Round 1: Denial eSports Edition

by HiRez ESports | Mar 14, 2014

Team Roster

JeffHindla (Guardian)
Rushed (Solo)
PainDeViande (Hunter/Captain)
PonPonUlala (Jungle)
Macetodaface (Mid) 

"Denial eSports -"

Team Stats

Denial eSports - Top 3 Most Played Gods

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Guan Yu 14 7 26 55 134 477.57 0.47 50%
Sun Wukong 10 6 28 29 89 445.1 0.97 60%
Ra 10 5 39 32 82 480.3 1.22 50%

Denial eSports Total Stats

Total Wins Total Matches Losses Win Rate Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM
11 23 12 47.83% 381 382 838 455.79

Player Stats

Mid - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Ao Kuang 6 3 29 11 39 494.66 2.63 50%
Apollo 5 3 29 9 36 509.6 3.22 60%
Xbalanque 4 3 24 11 52 455.75 2.18 75%

ADC - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Freya 7 4 28 19 54 491.43 1.47 57.14%
Apollo 6 3 19 23 32 427.33 0.83 50%
Xbalanque 4 2 19 12 19 455.25 1.58 50%

Jungle - Top 3 Most Played Gods


God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Thanatos 4 3 21 10 10 558.25 2.1 75%
Freya 3 1 11 13 13 454.33 0.85 33.33%
Bastet 3 2 17 17 19 449.67 0.89 66.67%

Guardian - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​     JeffHindla

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Guan Yu 11 4 12 48 114 433.55 0.25 36.36%
Sun Wukong 5 3 14 11 42 427.8 1.27 60%
Geb 3 2 4 5 23 450 0.8 66.67%

Solo - Top 3 Most Played Gods

​    Rushed

God # of Picks Wins Kills Deaths Assists Avg GPM K/D Win Rate
Tyr 7 2 20 21 46 343.29 0.95 28.57%
Ra 4 2 9 13 33 439.5 0.69 50%
Sun Wukong 3 2 8 11 31 443.67 0.73 66.67%

Interview Questions

1. Aside from competing in the tournament, what are you most looking forward to during the trip? Meeting up with your teammates, meeting the Hi-Rez folks, visiting Atlanta, the GameVid Expo going on next door, or something else entirely? - /u/Halvhir
Answer: We're really stoked to meet all our buddies from Dignitas and Snipe, as well as some of the new players coming over from EU. We're super excited to play on such a big stage and in front of all of you guys. We've been looking forward to this event for a while now and we can't wait to meet all the SMITE Fans in person and the Hi-Rez folks!

2. What do you as a team believe are at an advantage at over the other side of the Atlantic? (if you can avoid it please say something else over god diversity/comfort) - /u/theskulls
Answer: I think we have the advantage of the stability of playstyle. TSM is known for being a very aggressive, NA-styled team. We think our constant practice with this playstyle will give us an edge as they are used to face the EU metagame and style of play. Also, the fact that they've never really played on our terms (Between the top 4 NA teams, we're known for some very specific comps/signature playstyles so it never comes as a shock when we bust them out) makes it so that any crazy move will have to be dealt through player instinct and not calculated game plans. This is where mistakes are usually made!

3. Who exactly is your biggest competition? and What is your favourite god combo? i.e Loki invisible and athena ult onto loki or Hercules and Odin ults - /u/GloriousToast
Answer: We think our biggest competition in this tournament is Cognitive Gaming, as we've played them a couple of time and as we think they have the best jungler in the world (Andinster). He is going to be a challenge to overcome for sure, but we are confident in our capacities to do so. Without said pillar for Cognitive, we think they won't be much problems. He is definitely a Star Player at the moment.

4. Will Denial be sticking to the NA meta god picks, or will they be going to their unorthodox picks such as Freya ADC? - /u/Flareb00t
Answer: Denial will be using some new strategies that were discovered and theory-crafted about 3 months ago. We don't think they are strategies that will look obvious, but they will most certainly change games. Something is just "not gonna seem right in these games" (Not going to reveal anything else on that!).

5. Each team seems to know each other pretty well. How do you think this will influence both the games and the event itself? - /u/Morgaeus
Answer: I think rivalries are only going to spice up things. At this point, every pros know every other pro almost on a personal level. By the time we make it to the Launch tournament, none of each team's strategies will be unknown except for the ones kept secret and that were never used before. This should be exciting!

6. Outside of the new 3rd person vantage point, what do you believe is attracting people to Smite?
Answer: SMITE is definitely the fastest paced game of all the MOBAs. Games can be made in a matter of one misplaced jump/dash/ultimate/etc. and are definitely intense. In SMITE, a fight that lasts more than 10 seconds is a fight where both teams were willingly just looking for free poke or to trade something (splitpusher while team is holding back the enemy team from recalling, defending the gold fury/fire giant from the enemy attempt, etc...). In other games such as League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients 2, players take minutes over minutes of their time to last-hit creeps and farm in lane. In this game, there's constant team fights that fuel heavy snowballing.

7. What players is your team most excited to meet outside of your own team?
Answer: We're super stoked to meet our bros from Team Dignitas. We've been getting along a lot since PAX Prime 2013 and the Charity Event in Atlanta!

8. What match up is your team most excited to see or hope to see?
Answer: We're looking forward to see TSM versus the 4 NA teams. Most of these players used to be part of Denial eSports back at its launch in 2013. We've been internet buddies with them for months and they are some of the most talented bastards in the world! :D They'll definitely be a show against the NA playstyle!

9. How is your team preparing for the SMITE Launch Event?
Answer: As we've said, we crafted a few strategies that will be used at the tournament. Obviously in the meantime, we scrim every day excluding the weekends where we partake in tournaments. Individually speaking, we spend hours in ranked queues to polish our mechanics whenever our load of work from College allows for it! :P

10. Can you give us a little insight on how you feel about the EU Meta?
Answer: We feel like the EU metagame is a little bit too slow and by moments dull. Excluding TSM's particular playstyle, we feel like EU teams are a bit afraid to fully commit to teamfights and possibly compromise themselves (High risk, high reward). We've played against other NA teams that substituted one of their players with an EU equivalent, and said player wasn't able to keep up with the NA aggression. Maybe it fits the way they like to play SMITE, but on NA they better be prepared for an action packed game!