Announcing the Plan for 2014 SMITE eSports!

by HiRez ESports | Apr 04, 2014
With the conclusion of the SMITE Launch Tournament and SMITE’s official release in both North America and Europe, the big question being asked is: What’s next?

To answer that simply: A lot of eSports! 

But we want to give a little more insight on what to expect for the rest of 2014. So here’s the general plan for the next 6 months:

April 2014:  Partner Tournaments
One-off, partner sponsored tournaments will be played for the remainder of the month of April.

May - July 2014:  Qualifiers
Qualifier weekend tournaments (NA on Saturdays, EU on Sundays) allow teams to earn points toward the invite-only regional LANs

August 2014:  Regionals
Regional LAN tournaments with sizeable prize pools will be played - One in North America and one in Europe. Four teams will be invited per region from the qualifier weekly tournaments. The top 2 finishers of each Regional LAN will qualify for the Playoff events in November.

Late Fall:  Wildcard Qualifiers
Other teams will still have an opportunity to get to Playoffs through Wildcard Qualifiers in late fall.

November:  Playoffs
And Then 
....Playoffs determine entry for an even larger event, our largest event to date, in early 2015.

More details will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Until then, get your teams roster decided and start practicing because you won’t want to miss out on the fun! We encourage all teams of various skill levels to participate in our tournaments throughout the year. Who knows, your team just might have what it takes to become the next big celebrities in SMITE eSports!