SMITECentral's "Battle for Olympus" Tournament Recap

by HiRez ESports | Apr 16, 2014
This year has been packed with happenings within the Smite community. The release of Smite, and the subsequent Launch tournament captivated and awed as it showcased some of the best gameplay we have seen in Smite. But the teams didn't stop after the launch tournament, they went back to work and practiced day in and day out to fix any of the issues that they noticed during the launch tournament. Then, when the Battle for Olympus was announced, they came from all around the world to showcase what they 
could do.

The tournament was sponsored by HiRez, and played as a split region tournament. The 1st through 3rd place winners in each region went on to receive a cash prize,1st: $500 2nd: $350 3rd: $150, the 4th place winners received 3000 gems/team. 19 teams competed in the NA region, and 21 teams competed in the EU region, and when the smoke settled thousands of viewers stood in awe of the amazing displays of skill, communication, and teamwork.

The NA Bracket was packed with popular teams such as Team Dignitas, Snipe, Cognitive Gaming, and Denial E-sports. While many of the projected teams took top placings, there was a bit of lead up excitement with the newly formed team, The Game Changers. Primarily consisting of previous pro level players, they captured a major victory when they took down Denial in the Quarter-Finals match, and to 
many fans' surprise, defeated Snipe to take 3rd place.

When speaking with the event's tournament admin, Justin Dellario, aka "Ariston,” he had this to say:

""Watch out for Game Changers, they have a strong roster with many experienced players. And without as much practice under their belts as other teams they were able to do very well."

The Finals match in the NA bracket was between two of the best teams we've seen, Team Dignitas and Cognitive Gaming. While many say that Team Dignitas did not perform as expected, losing both matches, it is important to note that they were subbing AnatoLiy, who had family matters to attend to, with Adur0. Whether this lead to their demise, or Cognitive kicked their gameplay into high gear, there was some 
intense fighting presented by both sides.

All in all, the NA tournament went, for the most part, as expected. Lead by previous winners, and teams that have already gained a name for themselves in the NA circuit. The matches were very interesting to watch, and certainly showed how many of the teams are progressing. We will have to stay tuned for more from these teams in future tournaments.

The EU Bracket took many for a ride as a large portion of the teams had never been seen before in competitive outings. Additionally, some of the 200k teams were not present due to roster changes. Team SoloMid shocked many when they dropped out of the tournament, and Team Cloud-9 chose to play with Prettyprime, a popular player who is in the top 4 in Diamond League play, under the name Team Awoo Awoo. Bloody Tech, a recently formed and sponsored team, who not many knew about prior to the tournament, did exceedingly well and placed 3rd. Team heroesNzeroes, consisted of some players not unfamiliar with the pro level circuit, found themselves in the finals match, ultimately taking 2nd Place. 

Lastly we have Team Kicked, formed after Funballz was kicked from Team Coast, took on players such as Proxyqq who left SK gaming, and several players who were under other teams as substitutes. They went on to take 1st, and have shown that they are more than capable of taking wins off of top ranked teams.

Speaking with Ariston, he discussed with me his forecast for the EU circuit: "The amount of depth in well-rounded teams has increased. Team SoloMid, SK, and Cloud-9, are going to have to take more matches seriously, or risk losing them."

We can most definitely see where this has happened. Team IIIII, also known as Team Five-I, missed out on the 200k Tournament as they took 5th Place in the weeks leading up to it, but showed up with a new player added to their roster. Ninjadimi has seemed to help them with their team communication, and may have been a key part in them placing 4th. One thing is for certain, the EU circuit is about to undergo some 
major changes, and many of the top teams are going to have difficulty maintaining their status among the growing pool of teams teeming with ambition and skill.

This tournament is only the beginning for these teams, and as time passes you can expect to see them returning with force. Both NA and EU have produced incredibly experienced players, who will continue to grow, and should not be underestimated. Stay tuned for more tournaments to come.

This article was written by Anthony,  Lead Journalist  at Smite Central.
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