Alienware Arena $10k Cup - Week 1 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Apr 21, 2014
On Saturday, April 19, check-in's for the Alienware Arena $10k Cup began immediately at 10:00am. At 11:30am, check-in's officially closed with 44 teams signed up! With 44 teams, a 64 team, single eliminate bracket was created.

All Round of 64 games began at Noon in a Best of 1 fashion. The 3 games broadcasted for this section of the tournament bracket were streamed in the following order:

    1. Penta Blink vs Team Dauntless
    2. Kappakal Krew vs Endless Abyss
    3. xFrequency vs Team Lydia

The most noticeable play out of those three games had to have been the quadrakill by Catalin as Freya. He was about to banish an unexpecting Tyr to start off the kill streak and quickly snowballed into more kills as him and his team push their opponents back to their base, leaving only 1 player from Team Lydia alive to hold back any remaining minions. You can watch the highlight here.

One match up in the Round of 64 came down to the very last ticket! Team Solomid and Penta Blink fought it out hard in order to advance to the next bracket in this tournament. It all came down to one slick move which could have costed the other team the game. You can watch the highlight below:

 We continued the tournament Saturday right into the Round of 32 by 2:30pm. We streamed another 3 games that were also played in a Best of 1 series. The games streamed were:

    4. Mathletes vs IIIII
    5. Rage vs Team Dignitas
    6. COGnitive Gaming vs FLEX

Within this set of games, both the Rage vs Team Dignitas and COGnitive Gaming vs FLEX games were very interesting to watch. In the Rage vs Team Dignitas match, we saw another quadrakill during the day, but by team Rage. TheOmeletteKing was playing as scylla when he was able to pop his ultimate "I'm a Monster" and snag 4 kills. He came so close to catching zap man with the ult, but he had enough hp escape safely back to his base. Watch this epic play here.

On Sunday, we continued the tournament into the Round of 16. From the Round of 16 to the Grand Finals, all games will be played in a Best of 3 series. The three games planned for Sundays broadcast were:

    1. IIIII vs Superbia
    2. Team Dignitas vs COGnitive Gaming
    3. The Game Changers vs Down 2 Frag

Unfortunately, Down 2 Frag has to forfeit their match due to roster issues which lead the broadcast down to 2 match ups. These 2 match up, however, were very exciting. Especially the classic Team Dignitas vs COGnitive Gaming match up. Though both of these teams are the top 2 teams in their respective region in conquest, these professionals were able to put up a good fight forcing the series into a 3rd and final match. The last game actually came down to the very last ticket. Catch the last minute of the game:

With the tournament now halfway done, we have 2 more days this coming weekend to determine who is the best Arena team out there. The coverage of the tournament picks back up at 12:00pm EDT on We'll be broadcasting the quarter and semi finals on Saturday and finishing the tournament off on Sunday with the 3rd place match up and the grand finals. We'll see you then!