SMITE: World Championship Series

by HiRez ESports | May 01, 2014
You probably saw the announcement earlier this month on the plan for 2014 SMITE esports. Well we've made it easier to follow the flow of this eventful year along with the exciting new announcement of the SMITE World Championship!

Flow of events:

The Road to the Championship starts this Saturday, May 3 @ 12:00pm EDT (North America) and Sunday, May 4 @ 9:00am EDT/1400 CEST (Europe) with the Regional Qualifiers! From there, each team will strive to earn points each week to further advance their teams into the Regional LANs where they will play for a large prize pool of cash and admission into the Playoffs.

Follow and learn more on your favorite teams and how well they do throughout the year here on our esports website. And you can catch all the action live each and every week on