Week 2 Regional Qualifier Predictions

by HiRez ESports | May 09, 2014
The opening qualifier week has come and gone with 68 teams showing up to compete over the two days. With week two on the horizon we take a look at the teams expected to perform well. As the competitive scene continues to grow, will we see more shake ups or will the older teams continue to show their dominance?

Here are the current standings:

Now for the predictions for Week 2 of the Regional Qualifiers:

North America

Team Dignitas – It’s no surprise Team Dignitas is still a top contender coming into the new season. They took a commanding 1st place last week, dominating every game. They’re also one of the few teams in the off season that did not change any players on their roster. The Launch Tournament showed the world Dignitas does quit and thrives on being challenged. This week we will see if Dignitas can continue to hold 1st place.
Snipe – Taking 2nd place last week was a huge accomplishment for Snipe. They took down last season’s undefeated Cognitive Gaming in the semi finals. Picking up Jerbie for the mid lane has worked well for the team looking at their recent scrimmage history. Snipe was a strong team last season and continue to improve week after week. Could this be the season we see Snipe take a top 2 spot in the qualifiers?
Cognitive Gaming – The community was surprised to see last season’s undefeated Cognitive only take 3rd place last week. They may need a bit more time to work on synergy with their new support Jeff Hindla. Jeff is an incredible player and will only improve the already strong Cognitive Gaming. It will be interesting to see how Cognitive performs this week, but they should remain in the top 3 spots. 

NA Wildcard Teams – The Game Changers / Five Angry Guys / Down To Frag


Cloud 9 HyperX – A force to be reckoned with last season, Cloud 9 continues to show the community they are hungry for the top spot in Europe. Trading Smek for Youngbae seemed to work in their favor for week 1. Youngbae performed very well the entire tournament, showing his synergy with Cloud 9 is already well understood. Will we have another season where TSM and Cloud 9 trade wins each week? Or will we see one European team step up to hold the top spot?
Team SoloMid – Everyone expected the winners of the Smite Launch Tournament to dominate the opening qualifier week. However, TSM managed a second place victory. TSM may need another week to work on the synergy with their new hunter Smek. Last season we saw Cloud 9 and TSM trade 1st place week after week. TSM has been a dominant force In Europe and will continue to place well in the tournaments.
I I I I I - This team has created a buzz around the competitive community with how well they've been performing in tournaments. They took 3rd last week and have competed in the Battle for Olympus tournament.  With SK Gaming and Team Coast being knocked out in round 1 last week, I I I I I has established themselves as the new European underdog. It will be interesting to see how well they perform in week 2.
EU Wildcard Teams – Team Spray / Exposed Secrets / SK Gaming / Team Coast

Final Verdict

The qualifier series looks to be an incredibly exciting time for both competitive teams and Smite fans. As the competitive scene grows and teams mature we will see more diverse standings. In the off season we saw a plethora of roster changes, newly formed teams, and new strategies from the banning system. This qualifying season is shaping up to be the most exciting tournament series in Smite history.

Be sure to tune into the second week of action this Saturday starting at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on Twitch.tv/Smitegame.