EU Regional Qualifier Week 2 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | May 13, 2014
European Week 2 Top 8

1st: Team SoloMid
2nd: Cloud 9 HyperX
3rd: BloodyTech
4th: I I I I I
5-8th: SMITE France
5-8th: Team Coast
5-8th: SK Gaming
5-8th: Agilitas

The first week of the European Regional Qualifiers was exciting in many aspects: New teams rose to the top, the classic matchup between Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 HyperX in the finals and amazing plays by plenty of the players. And this past week was no different.

To start, we'll talk about the finals matchup between Cloud 9 HyperX and Team SoloMid. Last week, Cloud 9 defeated TSM convincingly with a 2-0 sweep. This week, however, it was the completely opposite with Team SoloMid taking 1st in a 2-0 victory. This goes to show that the top spot is in jeopardy for these two teams. And potentially others. Teams like I I I I I have given these teams a run for their money. Though they have yet to defeat them in a matchup in the past two weeks, there's no doubt in anyones mind that they can overcome that and advance to the finals.

We also saw a new team make it into the top 4 this week. Last week it was Worth Gaming, but unfortunately for them, they were defeated in the Round of 16 by the team that ended up taking 4th place. That team would be Bloodytech. Their roster consists of old school players who some of them have been in the top 4 in the past. Seeing them take 3rd over the rising I I I I I was exciting to hear. This shows that there are many teams fighting for not only the 4th place spot, but also the 3rd place spot. Only time will tell on who gets these spots.

Overall, these Regional Qualifiers have been very exciting and eventful. We're only 2 weeks in and we have plenty more ahead of us. Who do you think will take the top 4 spots? And do you think any of these new teams have what it takes to take down the two titans Cloud 9 HyperX and Team SoloMid? Watch everyweek at 9am EDT (1500 CEST) on Sundays over at