By The Numbers: Top Solo Laners Weeks 1-3

by HiRez ESports | May 22, 2014

Week three of the Smite World Championship Qualifiers are over, and we have a lot of statistics to share with you. By The Numbers today will showcase the top 6 solo laners from across the world who have played in at least 7 games in the SWC.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

It’s of no surprise to anyone that Gamehunter is leading the solo laners of the world in KDAR. Nicknamed Godhunter, this Team Solo Mid member has the fifth most kills in the world at 91 through 17 games. That encompasses EVERY player, not just solo laners. Only MLCst3alth with 105, and Lassiz with 99 top him.

Player Damage

Once again, Gamehunter shows why he’s often referred to as the best player in the world by topping the damage charts. Not without contention though, as the rest of Europe is hot on his heels! Only two players for North America are able to scratch this chart, proving why EU has the solo laners to fear.

Gold Per Minute

At a monstrous 503 GPM, The Game Changers very own Divios has the second highest gold farm in the entire world, only behind the Mid player Dekest of Smite France. However, we do see enQu once again right behind Gamehunter in every category, always hungry to take away his spot.

With more tournaments on the way to the Smite World Championship, we are sure to see some new names looking to dethrone the best of the best! Come check out all the action every Saturday starting at 12PM EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on