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by HiRez ESports | May 22, 2014
Throughout each and every week on the channel, we produce a wide variety of content. From highlight reels for the Most Valuable Players to "Face Off" which is an eSports talk show where we talk everything about esports from the Regional Qualifiers.

In this post, we want to share a few of the videos that we have produced in the past couple of days. The first video series we want to share are the highlight reels from the North American and European Week 3 Regional Qualifiers. These are shots taken from the player's point of view, but with the shoutcasting over the gameplay footage. This gives a unique perspective of watching how the tournament games are played.

SWC Highlights - NA Qualifier Week 3

SWC Highlights - EU Qualifier Week 3

The other video series we just introduced on the SmitePro channel is called "Moments We Missed". This segment has clips of the top plays from the match-ups not broadcasted from this past weekends tournament. Here's a couple from the new series:

SWC Moments We Missed - Snipe vs Game Changers Week 3

SWC Moments We Missed - Cloud 9 vs IIIII Week 3

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