By The Numbers: Top Supports Week 4

by HiRez ESports | May 27, 2014
The fourth week of the Smite World Championship Qualifiers are behind us and the front lines have been taking a beating. Here is a look at the top 6 Support players from across the world with a minimum of 9 games played.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

Incontinentia didn’t sway at all this week remaining at a consistent 5.0 KDAR, while the King of KS, TrixTank, improves to 2nd with the most kills on any support, 65. That’s it for Europeans on this list though, as North American continues to dominate in support statistics.

Damage Mitigated

Not even on the list last week, JeffHindla has mitigating an average of 20,021 through four weeks. You know he took a beating last weekend. JeffHindla also catapulted himself past TrixTank to 284 assists, the most in the entire SWC.

Gold Per Minute

Eonic lost his spot as the most farmed support this past weekend to Shadowq who jumps up to the top spot. Meanwhile TrixTank is once again, the only European to breach the top 6 this week.

There are more tournaments to come though and these numbers could change dramatically the long the Qualifiers go on! Think you have what it takes to come play, or maybe you just want to watch the action. Either way, come check it all out every Saturday starting at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on