EU Week 4 Team Spotlight - Worth It Gaming

by HiRez ESports | May 28, 2014
In week 1 we interviewed a team that shocked everyone by showing up big and coming in 4th place. 3 weeks later and Worth It Gaming has shown they are a force to be reckoned with. Taking out BloodyTechEU and TSM before sealing the deal 2-1 against Cloud 9 in the finals. With the entire Twitch chat spamming #WORTH last weekend we had to come back and ask them how they felt.

Here's what they had to say:

Week 1 - 4th Place
Week 2 - 9th-16th Place
Week 3 - 2nd Place
Week 4 - 1st Place

Team Roster and Positions:

Captain - PrincessTomato

Hunter - Shaggyshenk
Support - PrincessTomato
Solo - Variety
Mid - LtFrosty
Jungle - Ninjabobat
Sub - EmilZy


You guys Took 1st Place this weekend over TSM and Cloud9. How does that feel? 

It feels great since we put in a lot of work to do this over the past few weeks and after coming 2nd last week this really gave us a huge boost in moral and the fact that we took 1 game of TSM in the finals made us all realize that we can take games from them. The feeling and moral we got from beating TSM played a huge part in winning the whole tournament and now our aim is to continue finishing in the top 4 maybe even top 2

Have you been putting in extra practice time for this? 
Usually we scrim around 4/5 times a day against different teams but last week was different due to people working and people going on vacation meaning we didn't have too much time to play and instead queued more ranked.

Now that you have this under your belt, are you prepared for every other team looking at you to be the team to beat? 
Yeah we're prepared and are well aware that teams can take games away from us, that's what makes EU a lot more exciting due to the amount of competition and how close this season is going to be.

Are we going to see any unique tricks for this upcoming weekend? 
We have some ideas which could work but we need to put them to practice before bringing them out.

Anything you want to say to your ever growing fanbase?
First of all we thank you all so much for being behind us, all the love and attention is really overwhelming and it motivates us to keep going even more. Be sure to follow us on twitter : @NinjaBobat    @VarietyHC    @WorthKorinyo    @PrincessTomatoz    @ShaggyShenk    @Emilowitchen