By The Numbers: Top Mids Week 4

by HiRez ESports | May 29, 2014

Last week in the Smite World Championship Qualifiers the top mids statistically were dominated by North American. In week four we take another look to see if any Europeans are close to toppling the best from NA. As always these numbers are taken from any player with a minimum of 9 games played in the SWC.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

Everyone here last weeks is here once again, no new additions to the 6 highest KDA for all mid players. Only TheBest and TheBoosh switched spots, with TheBest having taken a nasty drop after more than doubling his total deaths this weekend, racking up 29 with a four week total of 54. Macetodaface still sits on top, but many wonder if he deserves to be there, just barely making the cut off with 10 games played.

Player Damage

MLCst3alth now averages the most damage across every role in the SWC coming in at 19,259. While NA dominates in KDA, EU players make the most appearances on the top player damage charts, accounting for the 7th and 8th place players as well.

Gold Per Minute

With Dekest no longer qualifying for the top 6 mids, the highest GPM was up for the taking. Lawbster slides in as one of the few players in the world to increase their Gold Per Minute after week four. Meanwhile the big two mids from NA, TheBest and MLCst3alth, sit at the top or near every it in every statistical category.

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