EU Week 5 Team Spotlight - EloFishers

by HiRez ESports | Jun 10, 2014

This week, we're going to be interviewing a team that seems to be improving every time they arrive on the battlefield.  The EloFisherS, having a tough time making it to the quarter-finals the first few weeks of the SWC Regional Qualifiers, have drastically improved, making it all the way to the semi-finals in Week 5 before taking 4th place with a loss to Worth Gaming.   Lets take a look behind the scenes to try and get a better understanding of their improved success.
                                                    Week 1 - N/A
                                            Week 2 - 9th-16th Place
                                            Week 3 - 9th-16th Place
                                             Week 4 - 5th-8th Place
                                                Week 5 - 4th Place

                          Team Roster and Positions:

                                                   Captain - Wlfy

                                                 Hunter - FleuryQ
                                                 Support - Bugzy
                                                  Solo - resterian
                                                      Mid - wlfy
                                                Jungle - Getfisher
                                                   Sub - zopqqq


How long have you been a team and how did you guys meet up?
The team itself has played for 4 weeks, but the current roster has only been together for just over 2 weeks.  Flueury Q asked me (resterian) 3 times to join before I gave in and joined up.  Gluery and Wlfy have been playing together for ages though.

What kind of practice regime do you guys have?
We like to try and practice every evening if we can, schedules permitting.  We like to keep on top of "what's hot" so we can be prepared for the weekend tournaments.

What would you say is EloFisherS biggest strength?
Cupid hype!  In all seriousness I think our less conventional picks are our biggest strength, we seem to perform a lot better playing the Gods we personally enjoy the most, rather than what's considered "OP".

What team would you consider YOUR rival?
IIIII for sure are our rival, we scrim them the most and learn a lot every time.  We were really disappointed when they were knocked out by Optimum last Sunday because we were really looking forward to facing them.

Does anyone have a "lucky" tradition? ( spin in chair after a kill, never change socks, etc...)
I think collectively we just pray to our overlords in the hopes of gaining victory.  HYPE!

Anything else you'd like to say before we wrap it up?
Wlfy demands I tell the world that his secret love is Agni.  I have no idea what you could do with this information.  That aside it's cool to see SMITE's eSport scene continue to grow.  With the way these EU tournaments go, despite the powerhouses that are C9, TSM, etc. really anyone could make it to Gamescom if they give it their all.