Week 6 Regional Qualifier Predictions

by HiRez ESports | Jun 13, 2014
After a week off, we are excited to get back into the swing of our SWC Regional Qualifiers with our predictions for this upcoming weekend.  Both of our top teams from both regions will have their work cut out for them if they are to remain in the top spot for the remainder of the tournament.  Based on how these teams have been performing were proud to bring you Week 6's predictions:

Current Standings:


                      North America
Team Dignitas - The boys are back from China and ready to get back into the Qualifier series.  Team Dignitas remains the top seed in North America.  Their superior team fight capabilities and shot calling rank them #1 in our predictions this week.

Cognitive Gaming - While Team Dignitas was gone, Cognitive Gaming collected a win in the Siege 4v4 Tournament.  While this doesn't change the standings of the Qualifier series, it does net them style points.  Cognitive wants to take the 1st place from Team Dignitas, can they prove us wrong this week?

The Game Changers - The Game Changers will be, changing their game, to conquest this week after taking 2nd place in the 4v4 Siege Tournament.  They are an impressive team week after week but haven't quite clinched the jaws of victory.  With their opponent Snipe recently losing Wolfy and being split with teammates covering in China, The Game Changers get a predicted 3rd Place.

Team SoloMid - They've been the talk of the town since the showmatch in China.  Even though it wasn't the original roster that took the victory at the launch, they remain a very capable team.  Determined to take down all rivals with their synergy and communication, Team SoloMid takes the 1st place prediction spot this week.

Cloud9 -Winners of Week#5's Qualifier Tournament, Cloud9 remains the top seed in EU by 35 points.  They've had their ups and downs, trading wins with various European powerhouses.  They've had time to continue working on synergy and shot calling, which places them 2nd in this week's predictions.

Worth Gaming - Winners of the European 4v4 Siege Tournament, Worth Gaming continues to show us they have what it takes to remain a top contender.  Consistency is the key to focus on for Worth Gaming.  They've placed in a variety of spots during the Qualifier series.  We see them taking 3rd this week, but in the future they could rise to 1st or 2nd.

                      Final Verdict
The Qualifier series looks to be and incredibly exciting time for both competitive teams and Smite fans.  As the competitive scen grows and teams mature we will see more diverse standings.  In the off season we saw a plethora of roster changes, newly formed teams, and new strategies from the banning system.  This qualifying season is shaping up to be the most exciting tournament series in Smite history.

Be sure to tune into the second week of action this Saturday starting at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday 9am EDT/1500CEST on