EU Week 6 Team Spotlight - Agilitas

by HiRez ESports | Jun 18, 2014
Each week it seems we have a new star to talk about here in the EU competitive scene.  This week we wanted to interview Week 6 Champions: Agilitas.  After beating not only top seed Cloud 9 in the finals, but also top tier teams like Team Solomid and Worth Gaming, we want to find out whats going on behind the scenes with these guys.  Lets take a look at how they've performed in the past, and what they have to say now.

                                          Week 1 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 2 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 3 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week  4 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 5 - 5-8th Place
                                            Week 6 - 1st Place

                         Team Roster and Positions:
                                          Captain - Zindurn

                                           Hunter - Ataraxia
                                        Guardian - Kanyelife
                                             Solo - Confrey
                                           Mid - PrettyPriMe
                                           Jungle - Zindurn
                                          Sub - PerfectoPriMe

Can you give me your roster and any history on your guys in the competitive scene?
I guess I'll start in the one who has the longest experience and work my way down.

Out of all of us, Kobrokai (Now named Ataraxia) has the longest standing competitive experience and has been playing the game competitively since the start, which is almost 2 years at this point.

Then Murrdurr (Now Kanyelife) who's been playing since about when Kobro started on things like Exposed secrets, Cloud 9, and now us.

I've personally played the game for about 1 year and 3 months, and I've been playing with Kobrokai on every single team I've ever been on.  Notable teams we've both been on would be Vengeance, Epsilon and finally CoGnitive Forge.

Confrey has been playing on a few teams in the past, most notably Bloodytech.

And then there is the ALLSTAR Pretty PriMe who's never been on a competitive team before ours, but has risen to the challenge beautifully.

You guys went from making it into the top 4 to getting 1st place this week, what would you say helped your team break that new tier?
There were a few things that made us better prepared for this week than the other weeks.  We recently made a major roster swap due to benching our previous jungler, which lead to Kobrokai becoming our Hunter and myself becoming the Jungler.  It took us a bit of time to adjust to, but I feel like we're stronger as a team as a whole.  Another thing was the addition of Confrey who posted AMAZING scores the entire tournament, despite being a sub for us.  Naturally we offered him a main roster spot after the tournament due to how it all turned out.

Did you have any specific strategies or plans when you faced the top teams?
Honestly? Just for Worth.

We never planned on being in the finals originally.  For us, this weeks of SWC was a last chance for us to place in the top 4, and if we didn't place we would practice for the wildcard event.  We had done a few things in the week of scrims against Worth that had been working really well against them, and they let us have the same comp in the tournament match.  We went into the TSM match happy to have gotten to the semi finals, and we wanted to play as good of a game as possible against them, regardless of win or loss.

And then we beat them.  That alone was completely unreal for us.  We were SUPER excited just to be in the finals.

Going into the Cloud 9 games we didn't have any specific start against them, but we did a few counter picks in game 2 and game 3 that worked out really well for us.

What are your plans for this coming weekend since every other team will be gunning for you, especially in the early rounds?
I mean, unless some unreal korean team comes out of the woods and destroys us completely, our plan is to beat I5 in the quarterfinals, since they're the ones we'll be facing.  If we can place top 4 every week, we'll qualify for the regionals.

Could you give some advice for any new teams about getting into the scene?
Play scrims and enter the tournaments.  You'll suck to begin with, and that's okay.  We were all there at some point.  Once you guys start playing together and improving as a team you'll start doing better and so forth.

Also something really noteworthy but not done as much as it should is review your games after you've played them.  What went wrong and what went well, and what to improve.  As long as you're open with each other, you'll keep improving steadily until you can contend with the higher teams.

Whats you goal to hit by the end of the season? A particular seed placement?
Our goal is to place seed 4 or above.  We don't' care particularly much if we're seed 1 or seed 4 as long as we're between that.

Lastly, any words for fans?
Thanks so much for supporting us so far, and we'll continue to work hard to improve so we can give you some really hyped games to watch!