EU Regional Qualifiers Week 7 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jun 23, 2014
I don't even know why we get surprised anymore.  A new champion each week is becoming the norm here in the EU Regional Qualifiers.  These teams are hungry ladies and gentlemen, and I don't blame them.  Competing for a chance to play at our Regional Lan and eventually move on to the Smite World Championship  any team is far from out of it with 3 weeks to go.  Lets take a look at what went down this week in Europe.
   SK Gaming            Cloud 9            Agilitas
          1st                            2nd                         3rd

SK Gaming is the flavor of the week boys and girls, and now that dark cloud of "seeding hell" is starting to fade, and the light is shining through.  SK Gaming in full EU fashion made their way into the semi finals for the first time to take on Worth Gaming, and with a win over them, went on to the Grand Finals to face 1st seed Cloud 9.  As Agilitas had done in Week 6, SK Gaming lost the first game of this 3 series finals, only to turn it around in their greatest performance this qualifier and named themselves numero uno in EU this week. The entire SK lineup had a good head on their shoulders with very smart plays, rarely getting caught out of position securing their Week 7 victories.  With only 3 weeks left this win was huge for SK as it puts them less than 40 points being 4th place Agilitas, a team who just recently took that spot this week.

We'll also mention Cloud 9 taking 2nd place this week also, what seems to be, them ensuring their spot at the EU Regional LAN.  There was a lot of talk of Cloud 9 HyperGreed as it seems they were a big over aggressive in the finals, ultimately costing them first place.  Agilitas took the bronze match earning them 3rd place this week over 3rd seed Worth Gaming.  A giant win for Agilitas as it put them over IIIII in the rankings and lands them in the number 4 seat.  They will have to be very strong in these coming weeks if they are to hold on to it as they have a handful of teams right behind them, eager for the opportunity to take it from them.

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