By The Numbers: Top Hunters Week 7

by HiRez ESports | Jun 23, 2014
We are 7 weeks into the Smite World Championship Qualifiers and every weekend the best players from across the world battle it out. By The Numbers takes a look at the top players statistics from each role across multiple categories. These are the top 6 Hunters from both regions with a minimum of 19 games played, or those who made it to the semi-finals this week.

While Zapman falls to the edge of the top 6 KDA over all 7 weeks, he doesn't even show up during week 7. Realzx of SK Gaming comes out blazing with a 9.0 KDA, tying Zindurn for highest and helping carry his team to 1st place over Cloud 9 this past weekend. Ataraxia also plays very well for Agilitas, securing them 3rd and settling in as the 4th seeded team in all of Europe.

While Allied has an incredibly low 1.7 KDA, he averaged the most player damage in the entire world during Week 7. Nearly 4,000 more than his finals rival, Zapman. 

It seems Snoopy has finally been dethroned as the most farmed hunter in the world. Zapman passes him this weekend and now holds the GPM lead by a microscopic .06. Madmanmarc22 also manages to jump 2 spots in the list, a very difficult feat this far into the season.

Now only 3 weeks remain in the qualifiers as we make our way to the Smite World Championship in January 2015. Come watch all these players battle it out for money and a chance to compete on the world stage, every Saturday 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on