EU Week 7 Team Spotlight - SK Gaming

by HiRez ESports | Jun 26, 2014
What a week it was for EU... yet again. This week a team that started off as the #2 seed in EU, but never placed anywhere beyond the quarter finals, has entered as another contender for one of the top 4 spots in the Regional Qualifiers.

SK Gaming, a known name in the SMITE scene, was finally able to surpass what seems to be their rival, Team SoloMid. After that victory, they felt that the big bump in the tournament was over and from there, it was their tournament to win. They came in strong and finished even stronger against the #1 team currently in the scene - Cloud 9 HyperX.

We had the chance to get a hold of SK Gaming and ask them a couple of questions. Here's what they had to say about this past weekend:

                                          Week 1 - 17-32nd Place
                                          Week 2 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 3 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 4 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 5 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 6 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 7 - 1st Place

                         Team Roster and Positions:
                                          Captain - Badgah

                                           Hunter - Realzx
                                        Guardian - Badgah
                                             Solo - ManiaKK
                                           Mid - CaptainTwig
                                           Jungle - Zyrhoes

SK hasn't made it into the top 4 at all this season, then seemingly out of the blue you guys power to #1 in week 7. What was different in week 7 to make it SK's week?
Week seven was not very much different from previous weeks. Five out of the last seven weeks we’ve had TSM in the quarter finals, so it has been very hard to progress out of the round of 8. This week luckily everyone played well and things worked out well vs TSM.

What would you say was the highlight moment, or the key moment that you think really let you know "We're going to win this week"?
Coming in to this weeks qualifier we knew we had limited time left to qualify so we practiced hard and figured out good picks and what to ban against our different opponents. We have always said that if we beat TSM in the round of 8 we could easily win the tournament, so after winning that game we knew that there was a good chance we were going to place #1.

What type of practice routine does SK have?
We scrim every day to practice as a team. Maniakk, Zyrhoes and CaptainTwig all joust to improve their individual mechanics. Badgah rages at normals to improve himself, while Realz plays chess and stepmania to improve his decision making and reflexes. A little known fact about Realz is that he discovered stepmania after watching ponpon’s stream.

I know SK has had some roster changes this season, could you give me the roster you would be taking to regionals if you made it that far?
The roster we started the season off with, and the roster we’re planning to go to regionals with:

Badgah - Guardian
Realzx - Hunter
CaptainTwig - Mid
Zyrhoes - Jungle
ManiaKK- Solo

What do you have to say to any fan or soon to be fans?
Thanks for the support, it encourages us to keep doing well and improve. If you want to support us be sure to follow us @ 

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And a quick shoutout to DeamonMachine for producing these weekly interviews with the teams!