NA Week 7 Team Spotlight - SNIPE

by HiRez ESports | Jun 27, 2014
We are all familiar with SNIPE. We saw them at the SMITE Launch tournament, we've seen them all season at or near the top 4 each week, but this week, we've seen something that we normally don't see out of SNIPE.

SNIPE came into Week 7 with a their new solo, KikitheChunk (replacing Wolfy), and they certainly came to play. These guys have been all over the top 4 spots of each tournament, but this week was different for them. And it certainly showed. Especially in the Grand Finals against Dignitas, these guys looked really strong. We mean really strong. Now will SNIPE be able to obtain that #1 spot again in the last 3 weeks?

Well, we got a hold of the captain of SNIPE and he was able to answer some questions we tossed their way. See what they had to say.

                                          Week 1 - 2nd Place
                                          Week 2 - 3rd Place
                                          Week 3 - 4th Place
                                          Week 4 - 3rd Place
                                          Week 5 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 6 - 4th Place
                                          Week 7 - 1st Place

                         Team Roster and Positions:
                                          Captain - Shing

                                           Hunter - Allied
                                           Guardian - Incontinentia
                                           Solo - KikitheChunk
                                           Mid - Jerbie
                                           Jungle - Shing

Snipe has had a rough season thus far, getting into the top 4 consistently and even into the finals. What made this the week for Snipe to take 1st?
This season for Snipe has been very similar to the prior season leading up to this point. Last season we consistently placed third, and that carried over into this season. The reason why we took first this week was communication. Our decision making was on point, and people followed through with the calls immediately leading to smooth transitions. 

What was the highlight for Snipe from this weekend (beside taking 1st place)(more like a particular play, or circumstance that you think helped boost moral, or secure victory)
Winning the second game against DiG has a big influence on us going into the third game. It raised back up confidence levels and improved motivation. Once you have a taste of victory, the hunger becomes very real.

What type of practice routine does the team have? 
We currently practice four days a week, skimming the teams Five Angry Men, Critasaurus, and DiG, the fifth weekday is reserved for reviewing Vod's and preparing for the tourney, which is a new procedure for the team.

What is Snipe's roster going to look like going forward? With the 1st place finish this week does that lock it down for the team?
The roster is set for the team. Regardless, of the winning last weeks tournament, this is the team that we will use to move forward. Especially if there is a sponsor on the horizon? :)

A lot of fuss has been swirling around the benching of Wolfy, can you give us any insight into the teams decision into this?
While there is a lot of controversy surrounding the situation, the executive decision was made to further the team, it was strictly buisness. Just a few weeks post transition our team made it into first place. While this does not mean that Wolfy was holding as back, it does mean that synergy levels and team compositions are much better with the current line-up. The team still loves wolfy as a person and we wish him the best in his E-sports career.

What tip would you give to a new to esports team?
Review, Review, Review. Have all your members watch over professional players in there roles to learn what they do in different situations. Once you have seen the basics, its all about practice and confidence, you can't win if you don't show up on Saturday! (Or Sunday for those Europeans out there)

Anything you'd like to say your current and soon to be fans?
We appreciate everyone never giving up on us even when times are rough. We promise to continue to practice our hardest to perform at top tier levels and to bring our wonderful fans the victories they deserve! You can follow the team on Twitch and Twitter!


And a quick shoutout to DeamonMachine for producing these weekly interviews with the teams!