Regional Qualifier Power Rankings - Week 7

by HiRez ESports | Jun 27, 2014
It's Power Rankings time! Every Friday, we give our judges the time to evaluate the previous week of competition as well as their names individual potential in order to give them the rank that we feel is necessary. As mentioned in the previous 3 power ranking posts, we judge teams on the following criteria:
  • Overall tournament standings/results (Current standings in qualifiers)
  • Last weeks performance (Example: Higher ranked team barely beating a lower ranked team would give little to no points vs lower ranked team crushing a higher ranked team would give a lot of points)
  • Personal opinion on each team (How you feel the team has been performing)
  • Potential future performance (Based on your knowledge of the team and past performances, rank a team on how you think they will continue in the qualifiers)
Each judge is given 50 points to divvy out between each team for both the North American and European regions. By Thursday night, the forms must be sent in completely and from there, we evaluate each judgement and average it out in order to get the rankings you are about to see for each region.

North America

Rank 1 - Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas is still the titan of the North American scene in our eyes. They maintained the same roster throughout their run with the organization, they hardly ever have bad games and they are very consistent with how they play. We've yet to see a reason why they shouldn't be Rank 1 in the Power Rankings, so we will keep them here until we see reasons otherwise.

Rank 2 - SNIPE

Let's talk about SNIPE for a second. These guys have been all over the top 4 spots throughout the 7 weeks, but recently were able to step it up and take #1 for the first time all season. They've replaced their solo-laner Wolfy with KikitheChunk and it just might be what they needed. They came out STRONG in week 7 as they beat critasaurus, Team Dignitas and Cognitive Gaming all in one week - something most teams are not able to do. With all of that said, we believe SNIPE will stay in the top 2 for the next 3 regional qualifiers.

Rank 3 - Cognitive Gaming

The Rank 3 spot goes to either of the Cognitive Gaming teams. With both of them practicing against each other and working for the same goal, we predict to see 2 COG's on the tournament scene rather than 2 different styles of play. We don't see, however, these teams beating SNIPE or Team Dignitas in next weekends qualifiers - especially if those teams show up with their best performance.

But we wouldn't be surprised if Cognitive Gaming and Cognitive Gaming Red show up in the top 2 spots since the competition is very close. This is what makes this season extra exciting and we look forward to seeing how it all pans out for the Regional LAN coming up later in the summer.

Rank 4 - Cognitive Gaming Red
Rank 5 - Five Angry Men
Rank 6 - Critasaurus
Rank 7 - A Mighty Storm
Rank 8 - Torch
Rank 9 - Resist Gaming
Rank 10 - Bringrr


Rank 1 - Cloud 9 HyperX

Cloud 9 HyperX, even though they don't consistently place in 1st place like North America's Rank 1 team, they are nearly always in the Grand Finals. This is because of their smart decision making skills and strong team fight presence are always on point each and every weekend. Players such as Psiyo and Suntouch have great team synergy and tend to make the right rotations to bring their team to victory. We expect to see Cloud 9 maintain the #1 spot overall for the European region.

Rank 2 - Agilitas

Agilitas. Who are these guys? Well they've been in the tournament scene for a while now, but in the past 2 weeks, these guys have really stepped it up. After struggling to get into the top 4 the first 5 weeks, they were able to take 1st in week 6 and 3rd in week 7 - taking down top teams like Worth Gaming, Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 HyperX. It's not an easy task and only certain teams can achieve this goal, but they have what it takes. We feel like they are a very competent team and will remain in the top 3 standings each week for the remaining 3 weeks.

Rank 3 - Team SoloMid

Even though it may seem like these guys are slipping, these guys are still a really great team. In fact, we feel like these guys may come back from behind and pick up the slack they've been leaving behind. Each one of the players on TSM have been part of the scene for a very long time and we think even if they don't perform well for the remainder of the regional qualifiers, they are still a big contender for the SMITE Regional LAN coming up later this summer. 

Rank 4 - Worth Gaming
Rank 5 - SK Gaming
Rank 6 - I I I I I
Rank 7 - Exposed Secrets
Rank 8 - BloodyTech
Rank 9 - Elo Fishers
Rank 10 - HeroesNZeros

As always, stay tuned next week when we reevaluate our rankings based on the same criteria. The weekly tournaments happen every Saturday at 12:00pm EDT and Sunday at 9:00am EDT on the one and only