NA Regional Qualifiers Week 8 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jun 30, 2014
We are now 8 weeks into the Smite World Cup Regional Qualifiers and the dreams of playing at our Regional LAN are becoming a reality for some of our top teams here in North America.  With almost every spot in our rankings able to be contested, these final 2 weeks will be crucial for teams looking to earn a spot in the top 4.  Let's take a look at our top performers from week 8.

COGnitive Gaming    Five Angry Men   Team Dignitas
           1st                                2nd                            3rd

#KingCOG reigns champion in our Week 8 qualifiers, a title they haven't seen since weeks 3 and 4.  COGnitive Gaming, always placing somewhere in our top 3 spots each week, locks down that second seed spot only 80pts behind top seed Team Dignitas.  After defeating last weeks champions SNIPE in the Seminfians, COG went on to beat Five Angry Men in the Grand Finals with a 2-0 sweep.  COGnitive jungler, Andinster, was a lethal weapon, dominating with Osiris, continuing to be the jungler to look out for in this series.  This win help ease some of the pressure going into the final 2 weeks of qualifiers and I wouldn't be surprised to see a repeat from this freshly polished team that is COGnitive Gaming.

Five Angry Men had an overall solid week as well, taking out 4th seed COGnitive Red in the Quarterfinals, and then going on with a very impressive win over top seed Team Dignitas in the Semi's.  Very strong performances from FAM's adc, madmanmarc22 and jungler, djpernicus helped secure their spot in the Grand Finals.  This second place victory in week 8 puts FAM about 40pts away from the 4th spot in our rankings, currently held by COGnitive Red. Team Dignitas getting a bit of revenge after winning the bronze match against last weeks champs SNIPE even further securing their spot at the Regional LAN as our top seed.

The competition is tightening up as we head into the final 2 weeks of qualifiers and expect the games to be the closest they have since the start.  As always we like to continually improve our coverage to bring you the best broadcasts around, drop us a line and let us know your thoughts!  You can Tweet us at @SmitePro - and don't forget to follow us on our Twitch Channel - - for all of our tournament broadcasts.