EU Week 8 Spotlight - Exposed Secrets

by HiRez ESports | Jul 03, 2014
So each and every week, we talk about how crazy and sporadic the EU scene is. Well, we're sorry to say, but this week is no different. Rising to the finals was Exposed Secrets, a team composed of veterans of the competitive scene but a combination of players from various clans. Together, they became a fantastic team and were able to make it to the 2nd place spot this past week.

After the kind of performance they showed this past weekend, we had to get a couple questions in to see where all of this talent is coming from and where they see themselves in the future of SMITE eSports.

                                          Week 1 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 2 - 9-16th Place
                                          Week 3 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 4 - 9-16th Place
                                          Week 5 - 9-16th Place
                                          Week 6 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 7 - 5-8th Place
                                          Week 8 - 2nd Place

                         Team Roster and Positions:
                                          Captain - ShadowNightmare

                                           Hunter - Funballer
                                           Guardian - ImDazer
                                           Solo - Xaliea
                                           Mid - ShadowNightmare
                                           Jungle - Frostiak

You guys have had a very hard road this season, what do you think was the turning point for the team this week? 
We Decided to plan this weeks tournament through as we knew who we we're against. Also having Funball on a 1 week break helped him decide on what to do in the future of the team and how he is going to play in the next tournaments.

You guys managed to take out cloud 9 this week, I know they've been a road-block for Exposed the past few weeks, how'd you overcome them?
We figured out a few loopholes we could use against C9 and other teams, tried them out in this tournament and it worked.

I know Exps has had some roster instability. Can you give us any insight into the roster changes over this season?
Basically, Proxy was originally the solo laner however, we wanted to bring Xaliea into the team. Adding Xaliea to the team would mean having to bench someone and in turn, we benched ImDazer for a while as he had exams coming up anyway (Wanted to give him the time off) Proxy then moved to Support for 2-3 weeks until leaving/mutual agreement that proxy wasn't a support player. after this happening, we tried Hyrrok as he got kicked from the old Team Coast (Captain Spooh) The reason we tried him out was because he was a good friend to Funball and he used to play Support back in the day. After 1-2 weeks Hyrrok was benched and Dazer was able to play again after exams. 

Any tips you guys would have for any teams looking to get into eSports? 
Play ranked unless your Xaliea... It's the easiest way to get noticed in SMITE currently, 90% of SMITE eSports players play ranked on a regular basis. 

How long till we see the rituals come back? The jump party was a fun twist and always keeping the EU scene very exciting. 
As soon as teams are prepared to lose to the rituals! The dark power we summon is highly unstable.

Do you think you can continue to beat the top teams in Europe?
I think we can yes, we just need to continue what we're doing now in tournaments.

And as always, thank you DeamonMachine for conducting these weekly interviews!