This Week on - Week of 6/30/14

by HiRez ESports | Jul 03, 2014

We continually add new content on our channel. There are a variety of videos related to eSports there such as highlight reels for the Most Valuable Players to "Face Off" which is an eSports talk show where we talk everything about esports from the Regional Qualifiers.

For all of you faithful viewers of our eSports blog, we want to make sure you're not missing out on anything. Which is why we put this weekly post up. We want to hear what you think of each and every video we upload, so please leave your comments and feedback within each Youtube video.

To start, we want to make sure you certainly don't miss out on the reveal trailer for the SMITE World Championship. There's over $600,000 up for grab at this one event, not to mention the full path which includes even more cash prizes and live events. Check it out:

SMITE World Championship - Reveal Trailer

This past week we had the old titans of the qualifiers rise back up and take the number one spot. Both Cognitive Gaming and Team SoloMid were the #1 seeds in their respective region going into the SMITE Launch Tournament back in March, but started to so some signs of falling back from that. But after this weekends performance, we think it's safe to say they are back in full force. Here are the MVP's from each region:

EU MVP - [TSM]Gamehunter

NA MVP - [COG]Andinster

And if you've been under a rock these past few weeks, we've been uploading the consolation matches of each region. We normally don't broadcast these, but we feel it's important to show our viewers how teams placed in the 3rd/4th place matchup.

SWC Moments We Missed - Team Dignitas vs SNIPE Week 8

SWC Moments We Missed - I I I I I vs SK Gaming Week 8

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