Week 9 Regional Qualifiers - Most Valuable Players

by HiRez ESports | Jul 08, 2014
The competition is as stiff as ever, with only 1 week remaining in the Smite World Cup Regional Qualifiers, everyone is bringing their A Game. We've scoured the game footage and taken into account the feedback on twitter to bring you this weeks Most Valuable Players.

In week 9 we saw Cognitive Gaming take 1st place for the second week in a row.  With Team Dignitas out of town they managed not only to take 1st place again, but overthrow Dig in the rankings taking the number 1 seed heading into week10.  On the European side of things Cloud 9 emerged victorious, taking that number 1 spot for the first time since week 5.  From both of these teams we've narrowed down who Week 9 Most Valuable Players are.  Ensuring their team victories and coming through in the clutch. Here are your week 9 MVP's:

North America

Click here to watch JeffHindla's highlight reel



Click here to watch Psiyo's highlight reel

Make sure to tune in next week for the last week in our SWC Regional Qualifiers and vote for who you think deserves the MVP title for Week 10.  The North American tournament starts at 12:00pm EDT/1800 CEST and the European tournament starts at 9:00am EDT/1500 CEST.  All the action can be found on our twitch channel - www.Twitch.tv/SmiteGame