Pro League Prologue Team Coast Blue and SK Gaming

by HiRez ESports | Jul 10, 2014

With the Smite World Championship Regional Qualifiers coming to a close, we're going to go a little more in depth with some possible outcomes for teams battling it out for a spot in our top 4.  Throughout the week we will be breaking down who can potentially earn themselves one of these spots, and how exactly they need to do it.  Fighting for a spot in our Regional LAN, as well as a spot in our upcoming Smite Pro League, there is a lot on the line here and each team will be fighting tooth and nail to earn themselves the position.  Let's get each of these teams up on the chopping block and pick apart where they've come from, and where they may be headed.

European Standings:
Cloud9 HyperX: 575pts
Team SoloMid: 520pts
Team Coast Blue: 274pts
SK Gaming: 232pts
IIIII: 217pts
Agilitas: 210pts 


Week 1 - 4th Place (25 points)
Week 2 - 9th-16th Place (2 points)
Week 3 - 2nd Place (60 points)
Week 4 - 1st Place (100 points)
Week 5 - 3rd Place (40 points)
Week 6 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 7 - 4th Place (25 points)
Week 8 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 9 - 9th-16th Place (2 points)

Team Roster and Positions:
Coach - EmilZy

Solo - Variety
Mid - Korinyo
Jungle - NinjaBobat
Hunter - Shaggyshenk
Guardian - PrincessTomato
Sub - EmilZy

How to get stay in top 4:  Team Coast Blue is our current 3rd seed in the European standings and here's how they'll remain in the top 4.

  • With a win over Agilitas in the Round of 8, Team Coast Blue will secure their spot in our Smite Pro League.

European Standings:
Cloud9 HyperX: 575pts
Team SoloMid: 520pts
Team Coast Blue: 274pts
SK Gaming: 232pts
IIIII: 217pts
Agilitas: 210pts


Week 1 - 17th-32nd Place (2 points)
Week 2 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 3 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 4 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 5 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 6 - 5th-8th Place (10 points)
Week 7 - 1st Place (100 points)
Week 8 - 3rd Place (40 points)
Week 9 - 4th Place (25 points)

Team Roster and Positions:
Captain - Realzx

Solo - maniaKK
Mid - CaptainTwig
Jungle - Zyrhoes
Hunter - Realzx
Guardian - Badgah

How to get into top 4:  SK Gaming being our current 4th seed going into week 10 there are a few ways they can guarantee they keep that spot.

  • 1st Place Finish
  • If SK places 2nd, and Agilitas places 1st, this will knock Team Coast Blue out of the top 4, and both teams (SK & Agilitas) will advance to the Pro League
  • If Agilitas wins in the Round of 8, Agilitas cannot place higher than 2nd, and SK needs to finish at least 3rd.
  • If Team Coast Blue wins in the Round of 8 AND SK Gaming win in the Round of 8.

So many possibilities, but only one outcome.  A special thanks to some of our community members who did their research on this topic as well: mlbstar17 and pieface100.  Thanks guys! Don't forget to catch us on twitter @SmitePro to give us your thoughts, and don't miss all of action this weekend on our Twitch Channel - - North American tournaments start Saturday at 12:00pm EDT/18:00 CEST European tournaments start Sunday at 9:00am EDT/15:00 CEST.