EU Week 10 Spotlight - SK Gaming

by HiRez ESports | Jul 18, 2014
Before heading off to the Smite Pro League Kickoff LAN set next Saturday, in Cologne, Germany, SK Gaming got to shed some light on what it was like to squeeze into that number 4 spot by the skin of their teeth in the last week of qualifiers.  What an amazing road it has been for this team and we're glad we got the chance to sit down with them in this weeks EU Spotlight.


Week 1 - 17th-32nd Place
Week 2 - 5th-8th Place
Week 3 - 5th-8th Place
Week 4 - 5th-8th Place
Week 5 - 5th-8th Place
Week 6 - 5th-8th Place
Week 7 - 1st Place
Week 8 - 3rd Place
Week 9 - 3rd Place
Week 10 - 5th-8th Place

Team Roster and Positions:
Captain - Realzx

Solo - maniaKK
Mid - CaptainTwig
Jungle - Zyrhoes
Hunter - Realzx
Guardian - Badgah


You guys made it, into the regionals, can you tell me what was going through the voice comms during that tie breaker match, especially during the picking stage?
Before we went into the second game we already knew what gods we wanted. Since picking stage went so well, we were confident that we could win the game and secure our spot into the regionals. The only time we went crazy in voice comms was the time we were pushing down the minotaur for the win. Everyone was screaming, maniaKK kept hitting his table and we were all just very happy.

How was the team holding up during the 3rd place match when IIIIII faced off against Team Coast Blue.
We were really scared after we saw the drafting stage, and we knew that this game meant nothing to coast, which obviously made us fear that they would not go all in for the victory. Although the picking stage looked to go in I-5s favor, coast managed to make some nice plays with the kumba+ao kuang combo.

How many favors do you owe Team coast blue for giving you a second chance?
We will definitely have to buy those guys a drink. Hopefully we can repay the favor in the future.

What was the big difference between the facing off in the Ro8 vs playing in the tie-breaker match? It seemed like a completely different team during the tie-breaker.
Basically we just had a better drafted team. In the first game we underestimated the gods they had drafted, which ultimately cost us the game. We also had a couple of unfortunate gold fury fights, one of which mercurys ultimate didn’t do any damage or CC.

What are you guys most excited for about the regionals?
Definitely meeting up with all our teammates and other teams. CaptainTwig, Realzx and Badgah are the only ones on our team that has met eachother offline, so we are very excited to finally meet up with zyrhoes and maniaKK.

As always a big thanks to Deamonmachine for getting these interviews together!