NA Pro League Play-in's Week 1 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jul 21, 2014
The next few weeks are going to be very busy in the Smite eSports scene, between both North American and European LANs and the Pro's getting ready for the Smite Pro League, there's a lot going on.  In the midst of all of the hype, however, we are getting into the 3 week set of Play-ins, that give the rest of the competitive community a chance to land themselves in the Smite Pro League.  Week 1 was held this past weekend in a normal single elimination bracket where the top 4 teams will be advancing to weeks 2 and 3 to compete in a round robin stage and the top 2 teams from that will secure their spot in the pro league.  Let's take a look at what happened in North America during Week 1.

               FatChunkAssemble  Late Bloomers    Five Angry Men
             1st                               2nd                              3rd

Fat Chunk Assemble are your week 1 champions with a very strong run to the number 1 spot.  In the quarterfinals Fat Chunk were able to defeat Surreal Gaming, formerly A Mighty Storm.  From there they went on to face top seed Five Angry Men and came out on top.  After that upset, Fat Chunk Assemble we're riding high into the Grand Finals eventually sweeping the Late Bloomers 2-0 to take the top spot.

Late Bloomers came out at number 2 this week, something impressive to note from these guys, they were the 10th seed going into the tournament and their road to the finals was anything but easy.  They went against higher seeds in every stage of the tournament.  In the quartefinals they defeated 2nd seed NonPockettyyOP, formerly Critasaurus.  From there they defeated 3rd seed TORCH before landing themselves in the finals with Fat Chunk Assemble.

Five Angry Men landed themselves in the bronze match with TORCH and were able to secure a victory and earn 3rd place this week.  This will give us our top 4 teams that will advance to the round robin stage are Fat Chunk Assemble, Late Bloomers, Five Angry Men, and TORCH.  These teams will all play each other twice, and the top two teams with the best records after that will advance into the Smite Pro League.

The remaining weeks of the Pro League Play-ins will be held every other week, the next week being the weekend of August 2nd/3rd. North America on Saturday, Europe on Sunday.   We'd love to hear your feedback on these events and our coverage! You can Tweet us at @SmitePro - and don't forget to follow us on our Twitch Channel - - for all of our tournament broadcasts.