SWC Qualifiers: Top Performers

by Kevin Meier | Jul 23, 2014
With the qualifiers finished out, many people were wondering which of their favorite players performed the best. Well we have the answer! These statistics are pulled from all the games played during the SWC Qualifiers (536 in total!). Congratulations to every player for topping the charts.

Top Performers Appearances:
Cognitive Gaming: 8
Team SoloMid: 5
Team Dignitas: 5
Cloud 9: 5
I I I I I: 1

You may have noticed a pattern here. Cognitive Gaming dominated the Qualifiers, at least statistically. It wasn't their undefeated run they had before the launch tournament, but with Team Dignitas taking Week 9 off, there wasn't much of a chance for anyone to catch them. With the Smite Pro League on the horizon, bringing us scheduled games, we will see closer competition from these top performers. For now make sure to check out the EU Pro-League Kick Off LAN Saturday July 26th live at 6:00 AM EDT/12:00 PM CEST on Twitch.tv/smitegame