Practice Modes

by Hirez Maria | Jan 07, 2013

SMITE now has the following practice modes:

Basic Tutorial

  • This mode teaches the absolute basics of movement, attacking, abilities, and challenging enemy defenses.

Arena Tutorial

  • Learn the basics of playing Arena, SMITE's premier casual game modes.

Conquest Tutorial

  • Learn the basics of playing conquest, SMITE's premier game mode!

Joust Practice

  • Practice Joust alone against a computer controlled enemy.

Arena Practice

  • Arena Practice (Solo):
    • This mode is a simplified version of the Arena game mode, against a side of computer controlled enemies. You may play alongside four friendly bots, fighting five enemy gods in a fight to the death.
  • Match objectives:
    • Each side starts with 500 tickets.
    • Killing an enemy player deducts 5 tickets from the enemy tickets.
    • Killing 10 enemy players spawns a siege engine for your team.
    • Killing an enemy minion deducts 1 ticket from the enemy ticket.
    • Helping a friendly minion reach the enemy portal deducts 1 ticket from the enemy tickets.
    • Helping a friendly siege engine reach the enemy portal deducts 10 tickets from the enemy tickets.
  • Other info:
    • You start at level three with 1500 gold.
    • Neutral camps provide buffs but do not deduct tickets.
    • Your side respawns together in waves.

Conquest Practice

  • Conquest (Solo Map Browse)
    • This mode features a three-lane map surrounded by a jungle area. Your Base, defended by three Phoenixes and a Titan, sits on one end. Your enemy's base is on another. Average game time is around 30 minutes.
  • Match Objectives
    • Destroy opposing towers, phoenixes, and a Titan.
    • Other map objectives are the neutral buff camps, Fire Giant and Gold Fury.
  • Rewards
    • You will earn normal match rewards.

Jungle Practice

  • Jungle Practice (Solo up to a Party of 2)
    • In this mode you can practice against jungle creeps and minions in an easy to access format.