EU Regional Qualifier Week 9 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jul 07, 2014
Now with only one week remaining in our Smite World Cup Regional Qualifiers the time to grind is now to ensure a spot in our top 4.  With less than 75pts between our European 3rd seed through 6th seed its anyones game heading into week 10.  With that being said lets go over what happened in Europe in week 9.

     Cloud 9        Team SoloMid        SK Gaming
          1st                             2nd                              3rd  

Cloud 9 HyperX is back, after a few tough weeks they managed to reclaim the throne here in week 9.  Cloud 9 hasn't seen 1st place since week 5 but they managed to turn things around in their favor here this week.  After sending SK Gaming to the bronze match in the semifinals, C9 went on to take down a very strong Team Solomid after going into the 3rd match of the Grand Finals.  After defending their phoenix's for what may have felt like forever C9 turned game 3 around, stealing the Fire Giant, pushing to win, and taking the number 1 spot from underneath their opponents.

Team Solomid takes 2nd place this week even further securing their spot in the top 4.  Sending IIIII to the bronze match, they went on to play C9 in the grand finals eventually losing in an extremely close game 3.  A special shout out goes to SK Gaming beating out IIIII in the bronze match, a huge victory for them as it puts them in the ever so delicate 4th spot in our rankings.  With less than 20pts separating SK, IIIII, and Agilitas these teams have their work cut out for them going into week 10.

With the SWC Regional Qualifiers coming to a close with 1 week to go, tales of tragedy and triumph are ahead of us.  Always trying to improve our coverage to bring you the best broadcasts we can, come drop us a line on our Twitter - @SmitePro - and let us know what you think!  Be sure to also follow us on our Twitch Channel - - to catch all of our tournament broadcasts and more!