#1 Seed: ROOT Gaming

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Allied (Captain)
  • Lassiz
  • Shing
  • Jerb
  • MattyPocket
  • Anatoliy (Substitute)

The obvious choice. ROOT Gaming (formally Juice.Gaming) has lead the pack in wins since Smite's tournament inception. The team was formed on the backbone of current captain Allied, who left his potential Grand Master's run in Starcraft 2 to compete in Smite!

The team, now comprising of incredibly talented players such as Shing (who is currently number 1 in ranked by a large margin) and Lassiz, who has far and away the most games played on a single account, ROOT Gaming's constant shifting in strategy and their ability to adapt has been paramount in their dominance since the Beta began.

Though they've fallen victim to 3rd/4th place in the last few events, no other team has nearly the amount of overall wins as ROOT Gaming. This team has more than earned their number 1 seed, but it hardly guarantees victory! Going in, they are the current favorite to take it all, but as we’ve seen in the past few weeks, nobody is untouchable. But ROOT’s strength comes from the ability to adapt to their opponents.

“One win or one loss determines nothing.”