#7 Seed: SK Gaming

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Psiyo (Captain)
  • Xaliea
  • GetFit
  • Smek
  • Kairis

WILDCARD winners, veteran team, sponsored by one of the largest gaming organizations in the world, and winners of the biggest prize Smite has offered to date, SK Gaming burned down the competition with nary an ounce of doubt to take the 7th seed of the invitational.

Over the past few months, SK has suffered a slump, after losing key members, and switching sponsors. Team Captain Psiyo stayed hungry, kept the team on its toes, and worked their hardest to get back to their glorious standing among the top teams. This hunger and dedication to the game was proven in the past two weeks, winning back to back events from the MyRevenge Casual cup to the WILDCARD event!

Now, the team’s synergy has never been stronger. Long believed to be a one man show, Psiyo’s abilities definitely shone through. In a single game, this player went clear over 25,000 damage and healing as Hel, leading his team to victory. But if this WILDCARD event showed anything, its that the other four members are nothing to scoff at. Brilliant defense by Getfit kept their team alive in a 4v5 scenario when the team suffered a disconnect in the finals. Ganks and invades by Smek throughout the tournament not only kept his team on the offensive push, but earned them a record 6 minute tower in competitive play. Kairis’ support and CC kept the team safe during team fights, while Xaliea’s damage constantly turned the tides in their favor.

The teamwork is there, the talent is there, and the hunger above all else, is there. While they may be the wildcard for this event, do not doubt SK Gaming. They’ve proven before that they’re unshakable when big prizes are on the line. Can SK make their second major win happen for the largest prize to date? We’ll find out at PAX East!