League: Winner Bracket Finals

by Hirez APC | Feb 28, 2013
We have reached the end of the Qualifiers and what better way to end this portion of the tournament than an epic matchup. The two top teams, Vexillifer and Team Epidemic, will go head to head tonight for the better seed placement in the Pro League for a chance at $2500 as well as bragging rights. Both teams are at the highest level of skill in the competitive scene for Tribes Ascend and each team has their own unique strategies. Only one can come out as the winner and be crowned the champion for the Qualifier stage. Learn more about the tournament at:

To add to the excitement, we also have another treat for you all. HiRezBart and Fishstix from will be casting tonights game with the extrodinary video production by Dodgepong and his camera crew. You do not want to miss this game, so be sure to tune in at 10pm est/7pm pst on the official Tribes Ascend stream channel: