NATribes Pro League Group Stage: Team Epidemic vs Envy

by Hirez APC | Mar 24, 2013
We started off this week with a great match-up between Egocentric vs Puppy kisses. Tonight we have another great game in store for you since it's essentially the same situation that the two teams were in last night.

Envy has yet to get a point in this tournament, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are completely out of it. If they are able to win all three maps against Team Epidemic, they will advance to the playoffs for a chance at the $2500 prize pool. On the other hand, if Team Epidemic is able to win at least one of  the three maps, they will automatically advance to the playoffs. So most of the pressure is on Envy, but Team Epidemic shouldn't feel get too comfortable with the idea of just winning one map. These are two tought teams which makes it anyone's game!

Be sure to tune in at 10:00pm est at the same place as always - with the wonderful caster w1nters! You won't want to miss it!